May 19, 2017

*Disclaimer: We are by no means certified optometrists, so do consult one on your eyes’ suitability before purchasing contact lenses online.

When it comes down to coloured contact lenses, most of the ones we see (and use) tend to be of a single colour — you name it, brands’ got it — and with lots of emphasis placed on making the colours look as natural as possible when they’re on your eyes. For those who prefer something a little more adventurous though, there are those lenses with patterned inner rims, such as the floral ones, which are wildly popular among people in-the-know. Just take a look at Anna Sui’s Rose Series contact lenses, which comes with a rose perimeter that circles around your iris:

Anna Sui’s Rose Series contact lenses; see the single colour and patterned rim.

The coloured contacts by Korean brand DANNA, however, do the exact opposite. There are no complicated patterns in the lenses, so don’t expect your iris to look like a flower garden; but in place of that: a kaleidoscope of colours all merged into the tiny piece of silicon, so that it looks like you have rainbows in your eyes.


The colours are all pastel and muted, so no worries about them looking too jarring when on your irises. In fact, a colleague who saw the lenses in action IRL mentioned that the rainbow looks incredibly subtle when not under sunlight, so you’ll actually look like you’re just wearing conventional coloured contacts. But once you step into natural light, the multi-colour function will be “activated”, and colours are likely to show up better.

You get to pick from four base colours — blue, brown, chocolate and pink — so the trick here is to first select the colour that you’d feel most comfortable sporting, and the rainbow design will naturally come along, complementary to the base hue selected. From images, it seems like the brown and the pink ones look best, with the rainbows still looking natural when worn on the eyes.


The lenses are made of silicon, with a diameter of 14.2mm. Pair them with a natural brown eyeshadow look, or go all out with the rainbow, prismatic themed makeup.

Danna 7 Con contact lenses, $44.91, available here.

Header Image: DANNA