May 19, 2017

If there is one shoe in the world that has withstood the test of time and the numerous fashion changes that have followed, it’s without a doubt Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star.

A symbol of youth culture, these iconic kicks have adorned the feet of many a sneaker-head since its debut in 1917, and Converse is once again putting it back in the spotlight with its “Forever Chuck” campaign, which kicked off earlier this year.

The campaign explores all the cultural movements that make the Chuck Taylor special, using stars like Millie Bobby Brown (aka Eleven of Stranger Things) and Maisie Williams to build up hype. In Singapore however, Converse has joined forces with LASALLE College of the Arts students to completely revamp the classic shoe.

laselle-gfs-61-Jamela Low

yong Dehan

LASALLE Students incorporate the Chuck Taylor in the Graduate Fashion Show of 2017

In this exclusive collab, a total of seven fashion grads from the school drew inspiration from their very own fashion collections in order to make the Chuck Taylors more “local”, and intrinsically more “Singaporean”.

Converse x LaSalle 2017

For instance, one of the winners of the campaign, Yong De Han, implemented a deconstructed approach in his redesign of the Chucks, making the sneakers into sandals, and using a medley of exotic components such as Hawaiian flora and Thai gold/black lacquer works in his final design.

Converse x LaSalle 2017

Yong De Han hard at work


De Han’s clothes from his fashion collection with a pair of Chuck Taylor’s

Another starlet to look out for is Jamela Law, who used elements like honeycombs and bees to create mesh-like structures reminiscent of honey dripping down from combs.

Converse x LaSalle 2017

Jamela Law with her design


A model showcasing the Chuck Taylor’s with a piece from Jamela’s fashion collection

“To me, Converse is a very open-minded and artistic brand. I know that it collaborates with a lot of artists all over the world. Chucks were my usual wear when I was schooling in junior college. Now I’d wear them when I ‘m out on a casual day around town,” said Jamela, when asked on how she relates with Converse.

In any case, the idea was to go back right to the beginning – the very first classic white Chuck Taylor – and to really showcase how versatile the shoes are even after 100 years of being around, by re-designing them and giving them a new lease of life.

Well, we think the designs worked, and it’s just further proof of how Chuck Taylor’s will never go out of style.

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Images credit to LASALLE College of the Arts.