How to Get Your Guy to Wear Sunscreen

Truth be told, we’re not too fond of sunscreen. The market is still saturated with plenty of formulas that leave a tacky layer of white sitting on the surface of the skin, causing a substantial amount of discomfort throughout the day and potentially clogging up a few pores along the way. Also, what’s with that weird smell? See, if it’s causing us girls this much distress, then the boys just won’t have any of it.
It’s not the concept of sunblock that’s unfavourable (I mean, we’re well aware of how great it’d be to NOT have skin cancer), it’s just the application that guys seem to dislike. Even if it’s for safety reasons, rubbing something greasy on the skin makes them feel super uncomfortable. So instead of acquiescing to the protection of sunscreen, most guys just go without.
Well today, we’re gonna show you a few ways to get your guy to wear sunscreen on a regular basis – because no, that cap won’t save his skin from harmful rays, and wearing it backwards just defeats its purpose altogether. Ready to torture shield him with sunscreen? Then give these simple, civilised methods a try.

fake laughter 1
Our colleagues Joel (left) and Jared (right) smeared in sunscreen, having the time of their lives.

    1. Educate him
    “DID YOU KNOW that skin cancer is the sixth most common cancer amongst men in Singapore?” Just blurt it out of nowhere. No context needed. In fact, it’s best said when you’re sharing a romantic moment so it’s lodged in the deep recesses of his mind. But seriously, melanoma is no joke. It kills twice as many men because they don’t reach for sunscreen as much as women do, thereby accumulating sunburns and tans, raising the risk of skin cancers so much more. And just because it’s cloudy outside, doesn’t mean they can skip the sun protection. Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays can reach your skin through clouds, smog, and glass. So if your boy is Casper-pale, consider shoving him on board that sunscreen train, stat.
    2. Apply it on for him
    Since most guys aren’t sure how much sunscreen to use and often spread it around their faces slowly with one finger (hilarious and endearing, yes – but ain’t nobody got time for that), offer to apply some on for him. You can give him a quick facial massage while you’re at it too. Something he’ll probably appreciate.
    3. If he doesn’t allow it, ambush him
    My other half is a stubborn creature who despises sunscreen, often refusing my facial massage services. Yeah, I don’t give up easily, though. When he’s got his guard down in the morning, I’d slap a layer of sunscreen on his cheeks (and forehead too, if I’m quick enough). It’s something you should consider doing because it’s pretty fun, but make sure you don’t slap him too hard till he gets red (my bad). A form of abuse? Perhaps. But at least you’ll be protecting his skin from ruthless sun rays.
    4. Find a lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen
    Since the icky sticky feel is often the main issue for most guys, finding a lightweight formula that spreads easily on the skin without leaving an uncomfortable residue is a good way to re-introduce sunscreen. Well, I gathered three options lying around the office and got two of our male colleagues to test out the liquid, spray, and cream formulations over the course of three days. Keep scrolling for their first impressions.
    shiseido testing
    A – Liquid sunscreen
    Pros: Formula’s smooth and easy to spread on the skin.
    Cons: It’s got an overpowering smell, leaves a white cast, and is way too greasy for our humidity.
    biore spray
    B – Sunscreen spray
    Pros: It’s easy to use, much less sticky, doesn’t leave a white cast, and it’s convenient for the face and body.
    Cons: Has a high alcohol content, which dries out the skin.
    dr g sunscreen
    C – Sunscreen cream
    Pros: It’s lightweight, a lot less greasy, and smells pleasant. Uses colour-adapting technology so there’s no white cast.
    Cons: May still feel a little oily for some.
    So if you’re starting him out with a sunscreen, skip the greasy liquids and consider a spray or lightweight cream version first before getting him to try out cleaner formulas (more on chemical and physical sunscreens in another article). You can also hunt for aftershaves with SPF, or look into these featherlight picks that were made for the heat. Feel free to try out a watery-gel formulation too – we’ve found our favourite Glossier sunscreen dupes here.
    5. Remind him of its benefits
    Similar to the effects of repeated advertising, reminding him about the importance of sunscreen will keep his fear of skin cancer in check. You can also place a bottle or tube of sunscreen on top of his daily necessities as a visual reminder, so he’ll have to physically pick up the sunscreen and use it before he gets access to his wallet or underwear.
    6. Scare the crap outta him with haunting visuals
    The Internet is filled with terrifying images of what sun damage can do to someone’s skin, so we won’t be showing you those visuals here, but… you know what we’re talking about. You can show those images to him on your phone, or take it to the next level and print all of them out, leaving a fresh image by the sink every morning. Yeah, we’re pretty sure the combination of all those tips should scare (or annoy) him into wearing sunscreen.