Yayoi Kusama to Display Artwork at National Gallery’s First Ever Children’s Biennale

Tired of your usual weekend plans? Yeah, we get it. The same ol’ bars and cafés just don’t cut it anymore. Anyhow, your luck is about to change thanks to the National Gallery, which will hold a humongous family-friendly exhibition for the next four months.
Titled the Gallery Children’s Biennale, this inaugural exhibition will feature a host of art installations and commissioned works by local and international artists, chief among whom is legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who’s famous for her iconic dots, nets, and pumpkin motifs.
She’ll be contributing to the biennale with her exhibition called the “Obliteration Room”, an interactive display where visitors are invited to “obliterate” a white room by sticking coloured dots all over.

Yayoi Kusama_The Obliteration Room

Yayoi Kusama’s “Obliteration Room”

That’s not the only cool thing to look forward to though. Other visual treats to check out include Filipino artist Mark Justiniani’s “Firewalk”, a 16-metre transparent bridge that tricks you into thinking you’re walking at a great height with an illusion formed by mirrors, as well as  “From Rochor to Kallang”, a display commemorating the relocation of residents from Rochor Centre by Singapore artist Vincent Leow.
Mark Justiniani_Firewalk, A Bridge of Embers

Mark Justiniani’s “Firewalk”

Vincent Leow_From Rochor to Kallang

Vincent Leow’s “From Rochor to Kallang”

There’ll also be a selection of programs happening as part of the biennale, such as guided tours, discussions, forums, workshops for both kids and their parents, and the Singapore International Children’s Film Festival, which comprises of seven collection of short films that are curated for specific age groups.
The Gallery Children’s Biennale opens to public May 20 to October 8. For more information, visit www.childrensbiennale.com.
All images taken from National Gallery.