Here's Why The Inokim Mini Is The Travel Solution For Lazy Folks

So, if you’re anything like us — couch potatoes and proud — you’d be familiar with the prickling frustration of… having to head downstairs to run an urgent errand, when you’re all nestled up on the sofa with Netflix and chips. Seriously, we’ve considered hopping on an Uber to the MRT station (that’s just a quick seven-minute walk away) to satisfy our lingering craving for bubble tea. Lazy folks like us have such first world problems, really. But here’s where things change. No, we didn’t decide to become more spontaneous; we just found ourselves a brilliant short-distance travelling option in an e-scooter. Namely, the Inokim Mini. And suddenly, takeaway dinner duty doesn’t seem that big of a chore anymore.


Coming in at a competitive weight of 8.5kg, the scooter is specially designed to be a lightweight and portable “last mile solution”, where it saves you from doing the legwork for short distance travel. Every feature of the Mini is kept compact and user-friendly, as a quick example — built in trolley wheels — so that you can easily wheel your scooter around, even on public transport.
inokim mini blk and white
inokim mini white

Then there’s also the 6-inch pneumatic front tyre and rubber rear one that’s able to roll past bumps, and potholes smoothly, so you can whizz down the streets without the worry of sudden jerks and halts. And while we’re on the topic of cruising, the Mini employs a button throttle instead of a thumb one, so it’s clear and simple to increase or decrease speed accordingly.

And those really are just the technical features to the scooter. What it truly does, is provide you with a whole new level of convenience and fun — and honestly, you can’t really put a price on things like those. With the Inokim Mini, walking seems almost overrated.
$599 for Inokim Mini, $749 for Inokim Mini+. All e-scooters available at the Falcon P.E.V main showroom at 2 Alexandra Road, #06-06 Delta House, open Mondays to Saturdays, 10am to 7pm. Also available online on

Before you scoot off, there are still crucial safety pointers to note, as well as things that you shouldn’t do when cruising on your scooter. These are important, so it’s highly advisable that you keep them in mind.
– It is illegal for PEVs to travel on the road. Do not do it.
– The speed limit when travelling on PEVs is 15km/h on pavements. Do watch your speed, especially when cruising downhill.
– The pavements belong to pedestrians, so be courteous when cruising with them around.
– It’s best to not be plugged in when cruising on your PEV. You’ll need to be able to hear the ringing bell of bicycles coming from behind you, as well as be alert to whether your own scooter bell is working to warn pedestrians in front of you.
– Do not wear long, flowy dresses that can get caught in the wheels! That’s an accident waiting to happen.
– It’s best to wear track shoes when cruising on your PEV. Closed-toed footwear with rubber soles are the best types to sport because they grip the pavement of the scooter well. Avoid sandals and flip-flops.