A Guide To Getting Your Eyeliner On Point

What’s in a good eyeliner? Off the top of our heads, these basic requirements: doesn’t smudge, and doesn’t melt off our faces before the end of the day. Other than that, it can be quite subjective – some like it matte, while others like it glossy; some like the tip ultra-fine, while others might be more comfortable with a slightly thicker one to draw on bolder lines. And of course, some prefer alternatives to the standard black, such as brown, or even blue.
No matter your preference, what we continue to stand by is this: the best eyeliners are found in the drugstore. Of course, the luxury brands have some very good ones indeed, but our point is that you really don’t have to pay more than $25 for a solid eyeliner. Especially so when it’s a product that you’ll be reaching for almost every day.
Today, we want to talk a bit more about an eyeliner that’s been a drugstore favourite for a long time now: the Maybelline Eyestudio Hypersharp, which started with the now-iconic Hypersharp 0.01mm liner, but has now expanded into a range with a few different types of Hypersharps to meet different eyeliner needs. And we all have different eyeliner needs here in the NYLON office – so below, different ways to make your eyeliner work for you.

Look 1: Ultra-thin line
hypersharp 0.01 tip

You just want a bit of definition, so you need an eyeliner with a fine tip to subtly enhance your eyes. The classic Hypersharp 0.01mm Liner has a tip that’s, well, 0.01mm, making it easy to create thin and precise lines with the brush applicator.
Start lining from the inner corners of the eyes.

Staying close to the upper lash line, slowly line all the way to the outer corners. Extend it into a slight flick at the ends if you wish.

Look 2: Intense black line
hypersharp powerblack tip

There’s black eyeliner, and then there’s really black eyeliner. The Hypersharp Power Black Liner is made with micro-carbon pigments that absorb light, to create standout, graphic lines that make an impact. The 0.05mm brush tip remains easy to control.
Line the upper lashlines, also starting from the inner corners of the eyes. Don’t be afraid to draw on a thicker line, especially in the centre of the eyes.
Extend the line slightly beyond the eyes.

Look 3: Winged line
hypersharp wing 1 hypersharp wing 2

Ah, the eyeliner wing. The thing that causes you to have to spend all those extra minutes trying to balance both sides of your eyeliner some days. You could use strange aids like eyeliner stencils or scotch tape, or you could just use an eyeliner that makes winging it easier, i.e. the Hypersharp Wing Liner. It has a flat tip brush that creates a 0.01mm point on one side, and a 2mm one on the other, handy for drawing in the wings.
Use the thin end of the eyeliner tip to line eyes as usual.
Using the flat tip of the eyeliner, draw in the wings in an upwards direction.
To add extra definition to the wing tip, use the thin end to extend the wing slightly.

Maybelline Eyestudio Hypersharp 0.01mm Liner, $19.90 (new price from July 2017, down from $21.90); Hypersharp Power Black Liner, $22.90; and Hypersharp Wing Liner, $23.90. Available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets and department stores. maybelline.com.sg