Here's How The Oppo R11 Will Up Your Phone Photography Game

#IWokeUpLikeThis. That’s what we’re told to believe, even with a curated “selfie” of someone lounging in bed with a coffee cup and a head of artfully arranged hair. As daily #flatlay experts though, we’ll have you know that it takes a lot of effort for that one impression — unless you’re armed with the right tool. In this case, the OPPO R11, with its always-reliable camera, makes on-the-go photos a total breeze.
In this fashion spread, you’ll find that all the shots of MTV VJ Hanli Hoefer are taken with the impressive camera set-up of OPPO’s latest flagship phone model, which boasts a 20 Megapixel-quality for both the front and rear-facing camera, as well as a dual lens on the back of the phone for a natural bokeh effect, especially when you hit ‘portrait’ mode. Here, we show off the best features of the phone, so you should be very, very tempted to pick it up the next time you’re out shooting your #ootd. We’re #blessed alright.

OPPO R11, $699, available at


Anything but a white wall! A tiled one makes a far more interesting choice for your #faceoftheday,
especially when your front-facing camera makes you look this good.

blouse, by weekend by max mara; jeans, by diesel; hat and flats, hanli’s own.


Hit “Beauty” mode so you’ll look flawless even when doing the most unglamorous thing in the world — eating ice-cream. Forget the mess, you just need to show your palm to the lens in order to activate the camera’s self-timer.

sweater; bag; and clogs, all by coach; skirt by max mara; headband, stylist’s own.


Stop, drop and yoga! You’ll be a total #fitspo babe in no time… Even if you’ve got to balance your camera
far away for this fitness pose, you can rely on the 2x zoom that offers little loss in quality.

jumpsuit, by diesel.


As you can tell, cropping makes any picture a whole lot better. Work that smile then, because “Portrait”
allows you to toggle the depth effect, so your #ootd stands out against any drab background.

dress; by tsumori chisato; necklace, by red valentino; heels, by jimmy choo; and hat, stylist’s own.


Stay #lit all the time — even making backlit environments work in your favour — with the ‘Fill Light’
function that looks more natural than a flash. The ‘Expert’ mode also allows you
to up your White Balance, Exposure and ISO settings, for a more flattering selfie.

outfit and bag, all by chanel.


Just being totally casual here! Make action shots work by adjusting your shutter speed on ‘Expert’,
while knowing that the OPPO phone is incredibly thin and lightweight, great for the girl on the go.

outfit and boots, all by red valentino.

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Hanli Hoefer