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July 17, 2017

You know how some people who just don’t make use of their common sense in certain situations and you just can’t help but shake your head? We’re talking the incredibly annoying ones who stop abruptly at the end of the escalator, and the even more infuriating ones who barge into the train cabin when not one alighting passenger has even taken a step out. Yeap, we’re pretty sure many of you can relate. Well, wouldn’t it be great if a t-shirt that says “Common sense is not that common” existed and we could wear it in situations like these? Oh wait, it does exist and it’s hitting Singapore shores very soon.

After unveiling its very own home décor line, Gucci is on the move again. Creative Director Alessandro Michele is back to designing fashion pieces and this time, he is collaborating with the talented young Spanish artist, Coco Capitán. Known for her signature handwritten witty aphorisms, short scribbles such as “Common sense is not that common” and “What are we going to do with all this future?” are written across graphic t-shirts, hoodies, tote-backpacks, and belt-bags.


First seen at the catwalk presentation for Gucci’s Autumn/Winter’17 womenswear collection, Capitán’s work also appeared on a wall at the entrance of the show space and on the show invitation cards. Taking a bow at the end of the show, Michele was also seen wearing a T-shirt featuring one of Capitán’s slogan: “I want to go back to beliving a story.” The misspelt words and naïve-looking handwritten messages add a touch of innocence to the unisex collection, which features Gucci’s signature green-red-green Web stripe and gold interlocking GG motif.

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If you’re heading down to New York or Milan, do check out Capitán’s work as it will also be plastered on a 2,500 sq ft. wall on Lafayette Street, New York, and a large wall in Milan’s Largo la Foppa, in the busy pedestrian district of Corso Garibaldi, as part of Gucci’s ongoing Art Wall project.

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Gucci x Coco Capitán collection, available online at and in selected stores at the end of July.

Header image: Gucci