Monochromatic Makeup Is As Fuss-free As It Can Get

These days, putting on makeup is all about multi-usability i.e. using your bronzer as an eyeshadow or using your lipstick as a cheek tint. And perhaps, this is probably how monochromatic looks have evolved. A little amped up version of the no-makeup makeup look, the monochromatic look is not too over the top. But of course, you can opt for striking themes such as an all-purple look or going full-on blue.

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The monochromatic look is no stranger to celebrities as well. When Kim Kardashian launched her KKW Beauty line, she released a tutorial video in which her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, suggested ways in which you can use the contour stick on the entire face from the lids, cheeks and on the lips. Not only does it save so much time, it is also super convenient because then, you can just bring that one item with you to touch up on your makeup!

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While you can go crazy with red eyeshadow and red lips, we prefer the bronzy glowy look that Kim Kardashian featured in her tutorial video. It’s a colour palette that can go from day to night and it isn’t anything that would get you a lot of stares from other commuters on the train.
To go about achieving the bronzy monochromatic look, simply use a bronzer stick to define the jaws, cheekbones, and the nose. Next, use your finger to dab some product onto your lids and blend. Use a brush to go over the undereye area as well for a smokey-eye effect, and then mix some foundation with some bronzer to achieve a nude lip colour that suits your skin tone. If you have a contour kit, that’s even better. Make use of the lighter shade to add some dimension and pop some highlights to end off the look. Simple right? The next time you’re running late for work, the only thing you need is literally just your bronzer – your true life-saver.
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