Our Favourite Makeup Sponge Just Got a Major Marble Upgrade

We’re no stranger to the miraculous wonder that is our holy grail Beautyblender. The teardrop-shaped blending tool allows effortless navigation while its plush surface eliminates all streaks, giving you a finish that’s akin to second skin, so how could anyone say no to that? By now, the brand has already launched plenty iterations of original makeup sponge, but the latest member of the family is probably the prettiest one we’ve ever seen.
Behold, the Beautyblender Swirl.

*Treats new blender like a newborn baby* 💗

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Feast your eyes on that. Yup, this new colour option is exactly what its name suggests. They’ve given the iconic pink Beautyblender a literal swirl with its white variety, and the outcome is downright gorgeous. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely going to take advantage of that marbled effect and include it in every beauty flatlay. Perhaps the only downside to this charming thing is the sheer fact that it’s so aesthetically pleasing. We simply can’t bear to use it.

get your swirl on 7/8 on @sephora dot com 💗 {VIB you get to swirl now! link in bio}

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If you’re wondering how it’s any different from the OG apart from its appearance, it’s not. The Beautyblender Swirl will apply makeup just as flawlessly as the original offering. Now we’re hoping these Beautyblenders hit local shores soon, because they’re only available from the US Sephora site at the moment. Our hearts and vanities are practically aching to have them.
Beautyblender Swirl, US$20. Available from sephora.com.
Main image: @beautyblender