Staz Lindes Gives Us A Lesson In Effortless Beauty

When we met YSL Beauty ambassador Staz Lindes in Tokyo recently, all we wanted to do was copy her eyeliner.

Check out that double-ended cat eye – we think we found our new eyeliner goals. Tip: a liquid liner with a thicker nib, like the YSL Beauty Couture Eye Marker, would easily help nail a look like that. You really only have to dare to try.
We had to try hard to pull our eyes away from those fierce eyeliner flicks of hers, and focus on talking about those lips of hers. That full pout reminds us a little of Angelina Jolie, and that overbite of Hannah Murray (of Game of Thrones and Skins fame), and it’s for sure Lindes’ defining feature. These lips are currently being used to sell one YSL Beauty’s most famous makeup products, the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres glossy stain, which sees a shade expansion this month.

So who is Staz Lindes? Here’s her story: “Staz” is short for Natassia, she’s the offspring of Hal Lindes, who played guitar for British rock band Dire Straits during their heyday in the early 80s. At the age of 15, she was scouted in a California bowling alley and signed as a model. Like her dad, she strums the guitar for her own band, named The Paranoyds, and early last year, at the age of 24, she clinched the very major deal of becoming the new face of YSL Beauty.
staz lindes 2
Which leads us back to our conversation with her in Tokyo, where she’s sporting a glossy crimson lip that keeps catching the light nicely (it’s the Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream in #409 Burgundy Vibes – we had to ask). With her tousled blonde do, rocker-chic uniform of black blazer over white shirt and denim miniskirt, and statement-making makeup, it’s evident that her beauty routine is not one that takes hours in front of the mirror to do, but probably just a few compact steps in under 10 minutes before she’s out the door, looking as fine as she does here.
“I love just doing a SPF, and then moisturiser, and then a BB cream or something. Really minimal,” she tells us. “I focus on really clean skincare. I cleanse, then tone with apple cider vinegar, before I put a serum and then a moisturiser. Then I’ll do a tint, like a BB cream diluted with another moisturiser.”
ysl skincare

Skincare options from YSL Beauty to copy Staz’s regime: the Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection, Forever Youth Liberator Serum, Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow, Top Secrets BB Creme

Since getting signed with YSL Beauty, of course she has learnt some new tricks from the experts of the brand. “I’ve also started using the Touche Eclat, I really like it. I just do a few dots under the eyes, then I’ll blend it, then I’ll do around the nose. It’s just really good when I look bad,” Lindes says with a laugh.
Ah, we’ve all encountered the magically face-awakening powers of the Touche Eclat for ourselves at some point or other. That, with an almost-bare face, a smear of eyeliner and a statement red lip is just about the most effortless kind of going-out look there is, one that works for an everyday aesthetic as well (Lindes is a believer in making your “everyday look” work for a night out too).
As for what else is in her makeup bag, the list includes the Full Metal Eyeshadow in a coppery brown, the Couture Kajal liner in black, mascara, and 4 different lip colours at one time. “I love the Baby Doll Kiss & Blushes, those are really nice translucent or thick. Definitely have the Rouge Pur Couture in #1, another one in pink, and maybe a darker red lipstick too.”
ysl makeup

Colours to replicate Staz’s look: Full Metal Shadow in #7 Aquatic Copper, Couture Kajal Eye Pencil in #1 Noir Ardent, Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, Rouge Pur Couture in #1 Le Rouge.

Watch her share more in our video interview here:

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