A Massive Zombie Horror Survival Game is Heading to Singapore this September

You’re all alone, the sun is down, and nobody is there to help you. Suddenly, you hear a slow, sickly groan. Your body starts to shiver. And then, warm breath smears the back of your neck. You turn around, but there’s nobody behind.
Think that such a frightening scenario can never happen in safe, safe Singapore? Well, think again.


Come September 2, 2017, St. John’s Island – a small island that lies to the south of Singapore, and a former home of political prisoners and leprosy patients, will play host to the largest horror survival game of the year: Pulau Zombie.
And yes, the game is as terrifying as it sounds.
From 4pm to 5am, participants have to roam about the island, finding weapons, forming alliances, all within the horrifying grasp of zombies.
Organised by Void Deck (Singapore), this nightmarish 13-hour game will test your survival skills to the limit. The only way to win is to chase away the living dead till the sun comes out. Once you get bitten, say goodbye to your humanity.

Right now, tickets ($129.90) for the game include accommodation (no air-conditioning), a meal, a chartered ferry to the island, and loan sets of foam zombie blasters and weapons.
You’ll also be able to take part in survivor missions with immersive story telling, but if you’d like to up the ante, there’s a VIP “Doctor” ticket ($249) that lets you heal other survivors. You’ll also get to wear a souvenir costume for the game.

Thinking of scaring yourself to death? The game will take place from 4pm to 5am at St. John’s Island, with the ferry leaving Marina South Pier at 4pm sharp. Once you’re there, there’s no turning back, so be prepared for one heck of a night.
For more information on the game, visit voiddeckgames.com.
All images taken from Void Deck Games.