An Easy Trick to Help Grow Out Those Brow Hairs

As we always say, brows are the pillars of the face. Those hairs are responsible for framing the visage, which means they can make or break your entire look. While we patiently wait for the day barely-there brows start to trend, it’s safe to say that bold full brows are here to stay.

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That’s definitely not good news for those who weren’t blessed with strong arches at birth. After all, we can’t all look like Cara Delevingne or Zendaya. But what we can do is try to grow them out, and today, we’re going to show you a simple trick that doesn’t involve the use of brow products. The trick to getting bolder brows is PATIENCE. Just kidding, don’t get mad. We do have an actual tip for you.
The key is exfoliation. This time, we’re serious. Dead skin can accumulate at different areas of the face, and while we remember to use all sorts of scrubs and chemical exfoliants, we tend to go around the brow area during application. The next time you reach for those products, apply them over your brows and gently massage the area. We won’t want to pull out the last 3 strands of brow hairs now, do we?
When it comes to hair follicles, exfoliation allows for better circulation, which is why this step will help you achieve thicker brows in no time. If you don’t use a scrub or a chemical exfoliant, take a clean and soft toothbrush and go over the brow area gently to stimulate their growth.
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