Get All Your Beauty Must-Haves For A Lot Less With Sasa's National Day Deals

Everyone loves a discount right? You can even say that it’s synonymous with our local culture, where it’s no longer strictly “auntie” behaviour to hunt for the cheapest and most worth-it offers for everything, from plane tickets, to electronic goods and mattresses, to apparel and accessories, and certainly, makeup that we can never get enough of. If that’s what you’re looking for, multi-brand beauty retailer Sasa has got loads of beauty items to offer, including, among other things, makeup removers, mask packs, and moisturisers that are going for just $5.20*. Yep, that’s more affordable than a Starbucks frapp.

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You’ll find these sweet deals as part of their in-store catalogue, created in conjunction with Singapore’s 52nd birthday, hence, all the deals that revolve around the number 52, such as an irresistible 52% off, or $5.20 and $52 deals, and more, for their coveted range of makeup and skincare products. What’s even more special this year though is the collaboration with up-and-coming local talents on the cover — that and the fact that we’ve also included some exciting editorial features of our own — our favourite beauty picks, and an easy eye makeup tutorial, for instance — and even launched an exclusive collectible with the brand. Stick around, and you’ll see!
First off, here’s what the cover looks like:


Everyone’s decked in red and white to celebrate the most important event in August, of course. You’ll be able to pick up a copy from any of their stores, or head to their site for a sneak peek — either way, we’ll have you know that it’s not a regular catalogue. Firstly, and as you can tell from the happy faces on the cover, for the first time ever, Sasa has collaborated with the talented Tree Potatoes for a full feature, as they share their #SasaSuperstarPicks and beauty obsessions.
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The popular YouTube-based production company should be no stranger to you; they’re known for their hilarious, relatable web content, and recently, scored a hit web series in Toggle’ top-grossing English series, The Breakup List. It’s great to know that the collaboration with the mini-celebrities of the group extends beyond the page; there’s news about an upcoming web series called Overnight Celebrity, presented by Sasa Singapore, which will be out in August. Details are teasingly scant at the moment, though you can check out a stylised music video that features the characters who’ll be part of the show.
The cast includes familiar faces as well, including founder Janice Chiang (@janclp), actresses Jannassa Neo (@jannassa) and Le En (@goofy_feline), along with actress and singer at The Apex Project, Jean Seizure (@goh_seizure). In the catalogue, they share their favourite Sasa beauty items and beauty obsessions — here’s a quick look at what they shared, and how you can easily snag these at a fraction of the price. Truly, #SasaSuperstarDeals, we must say.

  • Janice, the ‘glamour queen’, and her beauty obsession … “for the perfect winged look, I use join-the-dots method to line my eyes with a kohl pencil”
    Try: Cyber Colors Real Lasting Smudgeproof Gel Liner (now 2 at $30, UP: $23 each)
  • Jannassa, the ‘sweetie pie’, and her beauty obsession… “I swear by my sunscreen before heading out the door to keep the harmful UV rays at bay”
    Try: Dr.G SPF42PA+++ Brightening Up Sun Cream Set (now $30, UP: $39.90)
  • Le En, the ‘rock chick’, and her beauty obsession… “after a long day, all I need is an ice cold facial sheet mask to pamper my tired skin”
    Try: Soo Beaute Aloe Vera HA Jelly Mask (now $13.90, UP: $16.90)
  • Jean Seizure, the ‘style guru’, and her beauty obsession… “I can’t do without my facial mist spray. It helps to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated throughout the day”
    Try: Swiss Thermal Water Spray from Methode Swiss (now $20, UP: $29.90).

Dr. G Brightening Skincare Series, now 1 @ 20% off; 2 @ 30% off (U.P. $35 – $59)

If you’re not already enticed, you’ll also get to hear Sasa employees share their favourite skincare must-haves, for instance, the Dr. G Hyper Brightening skincare series, a brand which we’ve previously pointed out is the secret to actress Kim Ji-Won’s flawless skin. The Korean skincare brand is well-known in the land of kimchi, and this series caters to those of us who’re constantly yearning for bright, glowy skin. There’s a triple whitening effect across all their products — the Dr. G Hyper Brightening Cream, for instance, works from within while also immediately makes it look brighter with amethyst and pearl powder, while the innovative Dr. G Hyper Brightening Capsule Serum uses a micro encapsulation technology so that the concentrated whitening essence can be fully absorbed by the skin. Either way, technology and science work together to ensure beautiful results.
Hadatuko Collagen Skincare Series. Cleansing Foam and Enrich Lotion, now at $52 each (U.P. $76.90); Serum and Cream, now 1 @ 20% off, 2 @ 30% off (U.P. $113.90 – $13.90)

As for Hadatuko, and the soft pink bottles of its Collagen Skincare Series, the Japanese brand is looking to keep your skin healthy and youthful, thanks to the skincare items being infused with the anti-ageing ingredient collagen. The serum, for example, stimulates cell turnover and collagen synthesis to defend your skin against fine lines and creases, while the cream formula is designed both to give you bouncy skin and leave it feeling well-hydrated after use. You might see “anti-ageing” and think of someone way older, but the series is really a reminder for us to take early action in order to counter the long-term effects, hence the lightweight formulas as well.
Of course, we can’t wait to talk about our own content as well… which we’ll be unveiling over the next couple of days, so watch this space!

Plus, here’s a little something that we promised to talk about earlier. The exclusive collectible that we’ve partnered Sasa Singapore for is none other than this — limited edition stamps! Designed by our team, including the illustrations of local icons and makeup products on the stamps and booklet, they reflect both our brand’s passion for all things beauty, and all things local as well. After all, NYLON SINGAPORE is always looking for ways to showcase our myriad of local talents; this includes NYLON cover girls such as Stefanie Sun, Sheila Sim, Tabitha Nauser, Oon Shu An, Rathi Menon, and more, all of whom we’re proud to see represent the growing number of young, empowered women in Singapore. And what better way to celebrate this than to (literally) put a stamp on things? 

From 8 August 2017, drop by a Sasa store to see the entire collectible stamp booklet — collectible because surely you won’t want to use any of these precious stamps to mail your long-forgotten pen pal. You may get them at just $5.20 with any $52 purchase*, though we must warn you that they come in highly limited quantities. With discounts galore at all the Sasa Singapore stores, you’ll find it way too easy to fill your basket with lots of value-for-money items, and still make it past $52, but we assure you, every cent is worth it, whether you’re a true-blue bargain hunter or beauty junkie on a budget.
All deals available at Sasa stores from 31 July to 3 September 2017. Grab a copy of Sasa’s Superstar catalogue, and collect the limited edition stamps, at all Sasa outlets too. More information at