This App Transforms your iPhone into a Disposable Film Camera

When it comes to picture taking, it’s all about the gram’. Racking up those heart-shaped “likes” is a daily affair for most people, and partly; that boils down to how easy it is to use a smartphone. The humble touchscreen device is now basically the ultimate point-and-shoot camera thanks to its accessibility and lack of frills.
But what if a new piece of technology like an app brings you and your smartphone back in time instead of providing you with a futuristic upgrade? Sounds pretty contradictory, right? Well, that’s exactly how Gudak works.


The new app, developed by Korean start-up Screw Bar, turns your iPhone into one of those old school disposable cams that you used to be able to find at convenience stores back in the 90’s. It may not be as legit as those old models – you are using an app at the end of the day, but it’s certainly a good first introduction to the world of analog devices.
Inspired by the iconic Kodak camera, the app lets you take up to 24 shots at one go, like a proper film camera, with a wait of three days for your photos to “develop” – forcing you to make each shot count. After each “roll” is “developed”, you have to wait 12 hours before starting a new one.

Of course, you can cheat and work your way around this by changing the date in the settings function. That way, you can take as many photos as you’d like. But hey, that would be ruining the app’s whole spirit, which is to mimic the real-world functionality of an analog device.
If that doesn’t appeal to you, there are decent analog options in the market, like Lomography’s “Simple Use Film Camera”, as well as a list of gorgeous instant devices. If not, the Gudak app is a great way for newbies to explore the world of analog photography and all its quirks.
Right now, the Gudak camera app is available on iTunes for $1.48. It’s only on iPhone for now; so hopefully it’ll come to Android too.
Images: Gudak