You Can Now Store Your Valuables In These Doraemon-Like Shorts While You Work Out

Have you ever experienced the dilemma of whether to bring along your smartphones or some chump change with you when working out? Like, y’know, just so you can grab a drink from the convenience store after running for about… 5 minutes? Or to take a photo of your outfit gear to post on Instagram? Okay, we’re kidding. We aren’t that narcissistic to actually post a cringey workout photo of ourselves. But we ain’t kidding about needing to buy a drink from just 5 minutes of working out though. And we’re pretty sure we aren’t the only ones because we found shorts that actually let you carry your things around while working out.
Now, we’re not talking about slipping your iPhone into side pockets, which will probably drag your shorts down while you run. Nobody’s giving a strip show, okay. We’re talking about storing your stuff into a waistband that is secure enough for it to not fall off even when you walk, run, jump, or do some intense acrobatic movements and… you get it.

Wide Waistband Shorts ll in Black (with KeeperBand), $52.90

Homegrown active lifestyle label, FUNFIT, came up with an innovative storage design coined the KeeperBand. The tubular construction of the KeeperBand allows you to store things like your earphones, cash, cards, keys, and even your medication and passport, through a hidden pocket located at the inner side of the back of the shorts.
blaze print
Movement Leggings in Blaze Print, $89.90

cosmos leggings
Movement leggings in Cosmos Print, $89.90

With the shock and bounce absorber feature, you are free to do anything without having to hold your pants for fear that your valuables will fall a miserable death (a cracked iPhone screen is the last thing we ever want to deal with). The team has also rigorously tested the KeeperBand with a variety of popular smart phones, so you know your Samsungs and Apples definitely passed the test.
Made of a lightweight performance fabric, the waistband is stretchy and supportive, and allows wearers to reach out for their personal belongings easily, yet away from theft. The KeeperBand are also available on capris and leggings, so you can wear those when travelling, all with a peace of mind, knowing your valuables are literally right by your side.
FUNFIT also offers a wide range of trendy swimwear pieces from their Athleiswim line, where their athletic crops can double up as bathing tops, while their swimsuits can be worn as a bodysuit when paired with jeans, pants, or a skirt – perfect for those who are too lazy to change out of their swimwear attire or those who want to head straight out after exercising. Oh and did we mention, unlike dri-fit tops that traps sweat, FUNFIT’s activewear line are all made of a quick dry material and is “waterproof”, so you won’t feel like you’re drenched in your own sweat.
“A Girl Has No Name” Swimsuit in Burgundy, $59.90

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 2.04.06 pm
Overlay Trapeze Crop Set in Grafikk Print, $73.90

Are you already thinking of replacing your workout gear with these functional and versatile activewear pieces from FUNFIT? Well, you’re in for a treat. We’ll be giving 3 lucky winners a giveaway hamper, each consisting of FUNFIT’s Wide Waistband Shorts II in Black (with KeeperBand) that’s worth $52.90, a pair of Printed Movement Leggings worth $89.90, and a “A Girl Has No Name” Slogan Swimsuit worth $59.90. Winners will be chosen at random from our Facebook page so head on over now!
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