These Beauty Contact Lens Will Give Your Eyes The Glossy, Tear-filled Look You've Always Wanted

For those who have the misfortune of needing glasses, a pair of contact lenses is one of the easiest solutions to rid yourself of those pesky glasses. Some people have even made contact lenses part of their fashion game, using clear contacts and beauty lenses to draw attention to their eyes. After all, your eyes are the windows to your soul!
As for contact lens brand ACUVUE, we’ve long known them for changing the beauty lens game, especially with the launch of their ACUVUE®DEFINE® family. You’ve probably heard of it too; these are Eye-inspired™ designs that enhance instead of changing the natural beauty, giving your eyes that extra radiance.
ACUVUE’s #UniquelyMe campaign was created to be in line with ACUVUE®DEFINE®’s philosophy that everyone’s eyes are unique — kind of like a fingerprint. They recently launched the latest installment in their series of #UniquelyMe campaigns with the tagline I Love What’s #UniquelyMe, along with a new style of beauty lens to give women new ways to express themselves.
After all, it has become increasingly important to always look your best, especially in today’s age where our social media feeds are filled with gorgeous selfies after selfies — and you do want to stand out too.
We all know a good picture will give us an instant confidence boost, and without resorting to beauty editing apps, there’s still one way we can look good — by accentuating the natural beauty of our eyes. Well, you can do just that with ACUVUE®DEFINE®’s beauty lens. Unlike lenses that totally mask the colour of your irises and might come across as unnatural, each of the ACUVUE®DEFINE® styles focuses on enhancing your natural eye beauty to bring out their uniqueness.
Wearing contacts for long hours everyday may leave you with dry and red eyes. But you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for beauty — ACUVUE®DEFINE® lens keep your eyes comfortable by giving them moisture comfort of up to 20 hours and an internationally recognised standard of UV protection against the sun! The colour pigments are also sealed in between two clear lens, which prevents it from coming into direct contact with your eyes.
Joining the ACUVUE®DEFINE® range soon will be a new sheer design of beauty lenses that will provide you with a tear-filled effect by reflecting, enhancing and enlarging the iris, giving your eyes a healthy, radiant look. See how it looks on beauty blogger Mong Chin (mongabong) here:

We can’t reveal the name of the latest design yet, except that it will be launching on 5 October at 11am. You won’t want to miss this if you’ve been searching for a beauty lens that are worth every cent.
Here are the details of the new beauty lens launch:

ACUVUE® DEFINE® Launch Event
Date:  Thursday, 5 Oct 2017 
Time: 11am – 2pm
Venue: Lewin Terrace

Still on the fence about trying ACUVUE®DEFINE® lens? We are giving three readers an opportunity to attend the launch of the new ACUVUE®DEFINE® beauty lens on 5 October, 11am to 2pm, to try it out before it is released.
Just fill in your details in the form below by 1 October, 6pm for a chance to win a pair of invites and a month’s supply of contact lens. Remember to indicate the degrees of both eyes (your prescription should be given by an optometrist within the last 6 months, and you should be fit to wear contact lenses and have low astigmatism) and keep next Thursday lunchtime free!

ACUVUE® DEFINE® will be launching their new beauty lens variant on 5 Oct, and will be exclusively available at DEFINE® Experience Studios from 16 Oct.
The ACUVUE® DEFINE® variants are currently available from $64 for 1 box at DEFINE® Experience Studios and authorised retailers island-wide.