These Have To Be The Most Beautiful Makeup Brushes Right Now

We’ve lusted over many a makeup brush in recent times, usually of the mermaid or unicorn variety, or sometimes both. Plenty of times, the lusting is over the brushes that come inspired by a story, like these magical Harry Potter brushes, out-of-this-world lightsaber ones, and courtesy of the Beauty and the Beast frenzy earlier this year, a full set of brushes that resemble enchanted roses.
These are all courtesy of Storybook Cosmetics, that indie beauty brand that has gone viral plenty of times due to their ingenious take on makeup and makeup tools inspired by the most famous stories of our time.
Though their latest launch doesn’t come inspired by any story in particular – still, it’s gone pretty viral. Just feast your eyes on these:


Meet the Secret Garden Brushes, a set of five face brushes that feature seasonal florals on display within a clear acrylic handle. The acrylic handles are topped off with a rose gold ferrule and synthetic off-white bristles; look on the bottom, and you’ll see the Storybook Cosmetics logo stamped in loving detail. The set is made up of a foundation brush, flat-topped contour brush, tapered highlighting brush, powder brush, and setting brush.

Yes, these are real flowers, and each brush is crafted by hand and hence one-of-a-kind. As seasonal blooms are used, Storybook Cosmetics says that it’s likely that future batches of this permanent range will feature different blooms. Good reason to keep adding new ones to your collection perhaps…?
Storybook Cosmetics Secret Garden Brushes, US$60. Available on
Images: Storybook Cosmetics