You Can Now Dabao Your Things Anytime With This Kopi-Bag-Inspired Tote

We aren’t really sure exactly what it is about nostalgia that sells, but you can’t deny that there is something timeless about memories.

wheniwasfour is probably one of the leading shops selling things that remind us of the good old days in a super local context. You probably won’t get half of these references if you didn’t grow up in Singapore. From jotter books to gem biscuits, we love everything because it’s just so relatable. Their designs and products are so Singaporean, it hurts.

And you cannot get more Singaporean that this – the quintessential kopi bag.


wheniwasfour hit the nail on the head with this kopi-bag inspired bag.


The mark of the die-hard coffee drinker that’s always on the go. The mark of the coffeeshop kopi. The mark of those times when toting around a takeaway bag of drinks (the bags weren’t just reserved for kopi) is more convenient than bringing around a plastic cup. The kopi bag is an instantly recognisable symbol of our kopitiams, and now you can permanently tote around a bag of kopi.

Dabao your things everyday with this bag, and you can even change the straps from pink to green to match your kopi for the day. It even comes complete with a straw, because how else would you drink your coffee?


 The totes are going at $19.90 each, which equals to about 16 bags of kopi. Going without your daily coffee for two and a half weeks is a worthy trade-off if you really want to indulge in your love for kopi.


 The only chance of getting one is by dropping by their store on Waterloo Street as it is currently out of stock online. When you’re there, you might as well pick up some other items like the You Tiao pillow, a White Rabbit Sweet hair tie or a gem biscuit enamel pin to complete your Singaporean foodie-inspired look. Because the happiest joy in life is eating.

Follow wheniwasfour on Instagram to stay updated on the next release of the kopi bag. Meanwhile, you can check out the other 90s inspired at or drop by their store at 261 Waterloo St, Singapore 180261.

Images from wheniwasfour