Get Your Heart Pumping: Extreme Activities in Singapore For Thrill Seekers

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of extreme activities? Crazy stuff like skydiving, bungee jumping, or mountain biking, right? Fair enough. That’ll definitely get your heart pumping.
That said; despite Singapore’s relative mildness when it comes to pure daredevil badassery, our city-state does pack more than its fair share of thrill seeking activities that will satisfy even the hardiest of adrenaline junkies. Here are the best of them:
Bungee Jump, Giant Swing, and Sky Walk  


Say hello to Singapore’s first ever bungee jump site – AJ Hackett Sentosa. Okay, compared to other sites around the world, this is meek.

AJ Hackett Sentosa measures 50 metres tall at Siloso Beach, a lot shorter than sites like the Macau Tower in China; which stands at 233 metres, or the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland; where you get to free-fall amidst alpine trees at 220 metres.

Giant Swing

Just remember though, 50 metres is still pretty darn high, so you shouldn’t worry about not getting a kick down here. There are also two giant swings that can hit speeds of 120km/h, as well as a vertical sky walkway and a skybridge walk – activities that’ll make your legs quiver.

Vertical Skywalk


Skybridge with transparent glass panels

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Drive on an F1 Track

Suffice to say, driving on the ECP or PIE is not exactly the most exciting activity in the world, let alone extreme. However, little is it known that you have the chance to unleash your inner Michael Schumacher at the F1 Track, with an actual supercar.
Yes, that F1 Track – the one that hosts official racers from across the globe every September. You can legit drive on it.

Thanks to Ultimate Drive – a luxury auto distributor, racing enthusiasts can choose to cruise on the official F1 circuit, either driving themselves or be driven, with luxury cars up for grabs like the Porsche 911 or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Our need for speed craving just got real.
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Indoor Skydiving

Never has an extreme activity been labeled with such contradiction. Welcome to iFlySingapore at Sentosa, where you’ll get to partake in what is called “Indoor Sky Diving”.

Not sure what the word sky is there for, although you’ll get to simulate the thrill of freefalling from a plane in an indoor five-storey wind chamber. That includes being blown and flipped around like a rag doll, pretty much like how it feels to be 10,000 feet in the air.

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Swim with Sharks

Ask any sane person, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: swimming in shark-infested waters is not the safest thing to do. Well, unless the sharks happen to be in an aquarium, that is.

At RWS, daredevils can do exactly just that at Adventure Cove Waterpark, either inside an acrylic enclosure, or pure freestyle, with just diving gear to accompany you.
Whatever your choice is, this is probably the safest opportunity to get up close and personal with these beautiful marine predators. Just don’t pee in your pants when they bare their teeth!
Duel with an MMA Fighter  

Angela Lee

It’s not everyday where you get to come face-to-face with a pro MMA fighter. It’s even rarer to meet a champion, although you’ll be able to do that at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts – the top dog organisation of martial arts in Asia.

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke 

From Muay Thai to Boxing, and Wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, learn from the best with Evolve’s one-on-one classes, and who knows? You may even engage in a duel with them one day and come out on top. 
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Cable Skiing 

East Coast Park is great for picnicking, cycling, and relaxing. While that is all fine and dandy and everything, those who want something a little more extreme can head over to the Singapore Wake Park near Lagoon Food Village.
Singapore Wake Park Previews

Being Singapore’s only cable-ski park that offers knee-boarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and double-skis ‘cable style’, you’re in for a whole lot of fun down here. And hey, you’ll save money on splurging on that beach holiday too.
Previews for Singapore Wake Park, Singapore, Saturday 16 July 2016.

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We all know what you’re thinking. Nope, slacklining doesn’t involve actual slacking. It’s a side sport for the climbing community in Singapore, and it’s real tough.

What happens is that there’s a tightrope (or slackline), and you have to walk, yes, actually walk across it. Besides being the ultimate test of your balance, it’s also a great form of leg exercise, plus there’s that thrill factor in avoiding a fall. Sounds pretty exciting if you ask us.

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Cover image: AJ Hackett Sentosa