How You Can Level Up Your #OOTD Game With These GUESS Picks

For those aspiring style stars among us, an #OOTD is the ultimate defining moment of your day — you know, the whole idea of dressing your best, scouting for the perfect unique spot to start striking a million poses, and then updating your feed, because we all know three days translates to an eternity in the social media world. It’s hard work!
Oh we’re half in jest of course, but there’s no harm in taking it seriously. After all, even with its narcissistic tendencies, social media’s really a platform to connect, to express yourself, and an #OOTD is the easiest way to convey your sense of style. While there’s been a steady interest in minimalist styles and cuts, there’s also a clear street style interest among the style ranks, which adopts more of the ‘maximalist’ mentality, and that’s exactly where GUESS fits in.
See, a good, aesthetically-pleasing photo isn’t as simple as a t-shirt and jeans, or a dress — as in magazine shoots, the key is in layering your outfits, or having an eye for combining unusual elements that work together as a whole. Take a look at these looks, and you’ll agree.

guess 1 guess 2

guess 3 guess 6

What GUESS does well is piling on layers that don’t overwhelm one’s frame — and these are done with pieces as simple as a denim jacket. Plenty of their Fall/Winter 2017 looks lean towards the rock-chic and punk styles too; you’ll see rose motifs across their dresses and shirts, as well as leather jackets and fishnet stockings, worn torn and with the occasionally girly lace peeking through. Textures play a huge part in making an #OOTD interesting too — think mesh layers that show off some subtle skin, or the various washes or embroidery and embellishments on denim jackets and jeans, which definitely pop out in a picture. Top this off with some badass boots, along with a studded biker bag, and you’re on your way.
guess man 1 guess man 2 guess man 3

For the guys, you’ll see that layering transforms a more full top-and-jeans combo into something way more stylish — a bomber jacket or just a lightweight button-down shirt over a t-shirt or sweater does wonders to add definition to your style. Or, go for a shirt that already does the work for you — pockets and details such as black strips and star motifs on a military-green top are simple ways to elevate the look, while we’re also quite taken by those ripped jeans that reveal a bright indigo lining underneath.

So, why all this talk of #OOTDs anyway? Well, that’s because we’ll be having an upcoming event and styling workshop with GUESS.
GUESS Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign, featuring GUESS Girl Camila Cabello and model Alessandro Dellisola

And as part of the event, we’re offering all NYLON readers the unique opportunity to win an entire GUESS outfit. You heard that right! We’re talking a complete look, including a watch and bag, from GUESS’ latest collection, simply by taking part in the GUESS x NYLON Singapore ‘Fashion Scout’ Instagram Contest.
All you have to do is post your best #OOTD and tag #LoveGUESSSingapore and #GUESSxNYLONFashionScout, between 6 – 16 October, to take part — we’ll then pick the most fashionable looks, two males and two females, who will win the looks. On top of that, you might get to star in a video, and be invited to the GUESS x NYLON Singapore Fall’17 Launch Party where we’ll officially announce the winners.
GUESS x NYLON Singapore ‘Fashion Scout’ Instagram Contest

  • What: Post your best OOTD and tag #LoveGUESSSingapore and #GUESSxNYLONFashionScout
  • When: 6 – 16 October 2017
  • WIN: The 4 most fashionable looks (2 males, 2 females) will get to win one complete GUESS outfit of your choice from the latest collection

At the same time, we’ll also be having a GUESS x NYLON Singapore Fall’17 Launch Party! This will be happening on 20 October, Friday, at their spacious MBS store from 7 – 10pm. 
guess 7 guess man 4

At the party, there’ll be a styling workshop where our fashion stylist Josiah Chua will be presenting tips on how you can level up your simple OOTDs with new styles and key items from the GUESS Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The first 50 guests will also receive exclusive goodie bags!
Here are the details:
GUESS x NYLON Singapore Fall’17 Launch Party
Date: 20 October 2017, Friday
Time: 7 – 10PM
We have only 25 pairs of invites to give away for this exclusive party, so stand a chance to score invitations for yourself and a plus one by filling up the form below by Monday 16 October 2017, 6pm.