How to Give Your Manicure a Fresh Coat of Creativity

Whether you’ve got them all glammed up in a loud metallic shade or polished in a French manicure, your nails speak volumes about your character; and that’s exactly what the original girlboss Sally Hansen (yes, she’s real!) intended. Self-expression is increasingly formidable in our culture today, and with DIY nail designs back in full force, picking a style has morphed into a whole new ballgame. It’s not as harrowing as it sounds, though – not when you have these on-trend shades from Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel® “Travel Stories” collection.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 5.41.41 PM
“Romantic Rendezvous” collection (L-R-):
Shhhh-immer, In The Sheer, Orchid-ing Aside, Proper P-rose, Love Me Lilac, Cabernet With Bae, Jealous Boyfriend

Inspired by Sally Hansen’s Global Colour Ambassador, Madeline Poole, the new collection features two ranges of polishes to have fun with if you can’t settle on a single shade. From the “Romantic Rendezvous” collection, we’ve got our eyes on In The Sheer, an on-trend millennial pink that’s incredibly easy to wear, and Shhhh-immer, an iridescent rose that would go perfect on top of any nude or pink shade. The bold colours in this range are grabbing our attention too. Cabernet With Bae raises a glass to this gorgeous, deep burgundy hue, while Jealous Boyfriend is a shade that’ll leave everyone green with envy.
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 5.41.57 PM
“Adventure Land” collection (L-R):
Adrenaline Crush; Red-y, Set, Run!; Beet, Pray Love; Wild For Violet; Swim Upstream

For those who love to stand out from the crowd, the “Adventure Land” collection is where it’s at. Red-y, Set, Run! is a red hot tomato flecked in pearlescence that adds the perfect finishing touch to any bold outfit, but if you have a penchant for mystery, take on Wild For Violet, a stunning dark purple hue, as well as Swim Upstream, a deep marine blue that dares to be different. A fresh spin on self-made beauty, we’d say. What we’ve really got our heart set on though, is Adrenaline Crush – a glimmer-loaded silver with a hint of bronze.

What you’ll get with these nail polishes is a high-shine finish and lasting power akin to a salon gel manicure, all without the need for a UV lamp. So unlike salon gel manicures that require a UV lamp, these nail polishes will set in natural light, giving you the same volume and intense sheen for up to 14 days. It’s all in the innovative technology and formula.
This two-step gel system will leave your nails significantly more chip-resistant than your regular varnishes, and it also comes right off with regular nail polish remover – harsh buffing not required. Simply paint on two coats of your favourite colour (you don’t even need a base coat!), let it dry, and apply the Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat over to seal the colour in.
Mesmerised by the lineup, we pounced on the collection and picked out several shades for ourselves. Have a look at the easy designs we came up with and take them all on!
Shades used: In The Sheer & Proper P-rose

Looking to take that millennial pink manicure of yours to the next level? Try inserting a geometric shape for a little fun. Paint your nails in two coats of a light base colour like In The Sheer and allow those layers to dry before moving on to the next step. You’ll need to grab some tape, cut it, and position two strips to create a triangular space for the nail polish. Then, go ahead and fill it with Proper P-rose. When it’s all dry, remove the tape and finish up with the top coat.
jadehand 2
Shades used: Swim Upstream & Orchid-ing Aside

Polkadots are a cheeky way to amp up a plain nail colour. Choose a deep base colour like the blue Swim Upstream and give your nails two coats of that. Once they’re dry, use a dotting tool like the end of a paintbrush handle or the round tip of a bobby pin and dip that into a lighter, contrasting shade like Orchid-ing Aside and add random dots of that onto each nail. Likewise, let those dots dry completely and swipe on a layer of top coat.

Shades used: Cabernet With Bae, Wild For Violet, Shhhh-immer

Who doesn’t love a cool ombré effect? Here, we’re giving the chic colour gradation a slight shimmery update. Start off with a dark base coat like Cabernet With Bae or Wild For Violet – we used both shades on alternate nails here – then grab a makeup sponge (preferably one you’re about to throw out), dip a tiny surface in Shhhh-immer and dab it gently onto the tips of your fingers. Remember not to go overboard, or you’ll risk covering the entire base. Use a nail polish remover to clean off the excess before locking your colours down with the topcoat.
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel® “Travel Stories” collection, Miracle Gel Color and 2X Volume Top Coat (14.7ml) retail at $16.90 each. Available from 12 October 2017 at Watsons and Guardian stores.