Hush's Latest Candle Will Creep You Out Just In Time For Halloween

When you’re trying to get into Halloween mood, you’ll probably think of pumpkin spice and candy corn. That’s what we had in mind when Hush Candles announced a limited edition candle for Halloween. But they went and one-upped us with a candle that borderlines on the creepy – one that looks likes a baby doll’s head specifically.
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Like how we have trends for beauty, there are also trends in horror movies. This year, it’s all about clowns and dolls, courtesy of It and Annabelle: Creation. Hush thought it would be a really good idea to mould a candle in the shape of a baby doll’s head, because babies can be as creepy as they are cute. Not to mention that we have watched enough movies with demonic babies and dolls to know that those things can be very evil.
Hush Candle (1)

Hush Little Baby, $59

As for the smell, the candle will fill your room with Hush’s signature lavender or lemongrass scents (although it would have been cool if it smelt like baby powder). If you love watching those satisfying videos of chocolate melting, you will probably want to get your hands on one of these doll-candles because we’re guessing that’s how it’ll melt when its lit, except it’ll take about 60 hours for the entire candle to melt. Each candle is hand-crafted, which means that every baby’s face melts off differently.
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The candle is also the perfect house decoration that’ll definitely scare the young ones without being too graphic when you light it up for trick-or-treating. Also, good luck sleeping with that baby’s head watching you all night.
The Hush Little Baby candles are available on at $59 for the month of October only.