November 14, 2017

If you follow the brightest star this Christmas, you’ll find yourself at Tiffany and Co.‘s (@TiffanyandCo) iconic 40-feet tall Christmas tree located at Takashimaya’s atrium right outside its flagship store.

The Tiffany and Co. Christmas tree has made habitual appearances there for many years now, acting as the go-to backdrop for many festive photos shared on social media and kept as treasured memories. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to stand by the tree and stare at its jewelled and Blue-Box ornaments for longer, you’ll want to know the full lineup for this year’s “A Tiffany Holiday” Christmas Tree light-up party, decidedly set to leave you wide-eyed and heart-warmed.

The Sam Willows (@TheSamWillows), arguably the hottest band in Singapore, will be headlining the party. The band is quickly wrapping up production for their second album, and are extremely excited to perform at “A Tiffany Holiday,” where they’ll be singing a medley of Christmas carols to usher the festive spirit, much in tandem with the light-up of the Tiffany and Co. Christmas tree. Trust us, but trust The Sam Willows more as they reveal how excited they are to be performing as part of “A Tiffany Holiday” this Thursday.


What does Christmas mean to you?

J: Christmas is the season for giving. It’s also my favourite holiday of the year — log cakes, gifts, decorations and time with friends and family.

B: It means Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey emerging from their caves.

N: Erm, presents duh! And time with family! ❤️

S: My favourite time of the year! Also, my birthday. 😬

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

S: The atmosphere.

J: Logcake.

B: Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey.

N: Presents duh! And time with my family. *Laughs.*

You’re performing this Thursday, on 16th November. Is it never too early to get into the Christmas spirit?

J: Yup, never too early. It’s around November when you start hearing Christmas songs being played all over and it gets me into the season.

B: It’s perfect. I think we all need to start the festive spirit a little earlier this year, thanks to all the nonsense that’s been happening around the world.

N: You can’t celebrate after the 25th, so if you don’t wanna miss out on life you’ve got to be ahead of the game!

S: It’s never too early for Christmas. Better to start early because on the 26th, all the Christmas songs very quickly becomes Chinese New Year songs.

What other interesting spaces have you performed at before?

J: A couple of years ago, we did a string of Christmas shows in Raffles City shopping centre. I think we prepared around twenty Christmas songs, and I remember we had tons of fun performing it.

B: When I was sixteen I went carolling in hospital wards with a bunch of friends. We were so nervous to point of breaking down, but it was amazing.

How’s it like performing Christmas songs as pop artists?

N: I’m tacky so I love it!

J: I think it’s the giving and seeing people sing along and enjoying the songs that makes it so special.

B: You get to go a little crazy with the arrangements. We might whip out a little Mean Girls’ Jingle Bell Rock.

S: It’s fun because we get to put our on spin to it.

What songs can your fans expect during the performance?

J: “All I want for Christmas is You.”

B: Nothing from Michael Bublé, sadly.

N: Tacky Christmas songs that you can pretend to hate but you secretly love and then you’re outwardly going to love it.

S: What Narelle said — and pure joy!

What’s the greatest Christmas gift you’ve ever received from a fan?

B: Someone made me a stocking once — it was decorated like a reindeer but for some reason looked more like a snake. It was also very long and somewhat resembled a pantyhose. I had fun with it.

N: Food! My fans know me well and always help me stock up on bedroom snacks that always come in handy for midnight munchies.

S: Snacks I actually love to eat. And pretty things I would actually choose for myself to use.

J: Chocolates. You can’t go wrong with chocolates.

Are there items from Tiffany and Co. that you’re eyeing for Christmas?

J: The T bracelet in 18-karat rose-gold. I think my significant other would love it.

S: Diamond hoop rings in 18-karat rose gold! Sooo gorgeous.

N: I’ve been eyeing the classic Tiffany heart pendant for a while!

B: The hourglass, in walnut brown and sterling silver. I would keep it or give it to the least punctual member of the band, who shall not be named. *Eyes Sandra.*

Why do you think Tiffany and Co. jewelry makes for such a great Christmas gift?

S: It’s current and classic — best of both worlds.

J: I mean, it’s Tiffany and Co. It’s legendary. You can’t go wrong with it.

N: It’s the thought that counts, but jewelry doesn’t hurt.

B: It’s timeless. And I’m a sucker for that robin egg blue.

What can your fans look out for in 2018?

TSW: We’re excited to be dropping our new album in the early part of 2018, alongside singles and music videos. It’s gonna be a really exciting year for us as we take these new songs to tour.

It’s never been a better time to check out Tiffany’s latest collections of jewelry, fragrance and homeware. From star-studded performances to its exquisite ambience in-store, Tiffany and Co. has definitely gone out of its way to make sure you make the perfect pick for gifts this Christmas.

“A Tiffany Holiday” Party
Date: 16 November 2017, Thursday
Time: 7pm
Takashimaya Atrium

“A Tiffany Holiday” launches 16 November 2017, all the way till 1 January 2018.

Other images: The Sam Willows