Samsung’s New Gear Products Will Help You Lead a Healthier Life

Walk down the street, and there’s one thing you’ll notice – almost everyone has a smartphone. But that’s no real surprise. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, enhancing them in ways we couldn’t possibly have imagined 10 years ago (who would’ve thought they’d become mini-computers). And Samsung has played a major role in this technological revolution.
But despite being one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world, the Korean electronics giant also knows how to dish out fantastic fitness wearables. Enter Samsung’s line of Gear fitness products, which were launched last month.

Comprising of the Gear Sport, a chic smartwatch with interchangeable straps; the Gear Fit2 Pro, a GPS-enabled fitness band; and the Gear IconX, wireless earbuds with an embedded running coach, the Gear line is quite obviously fitness-focused. And that means each product is incredibly useful for day-to-day usage, with functions that encourage every aspect of healthy living.

Samsung Gear Sport in Blue


Gear IconX in Gray

Zooming in on the Gear Sport and Gear Icon X. The Gear Sport can track everything from wellness and exercise stats, while the IconX gives you workout updates, so exercise-wise, you’re pretty much set. Add to the mix offline Spotify playlists, and you’ll experience first-hand how gadgets – even without an Internet connection, will make your life that much easier.

Gear Sport

That’s right; the Gear Sport can listen to Spotify offline (which other similar wearables like the Apple Watch can’t do), and you can pair it up with your IconX to just stroll the street, with or without your phone – of course, you’ll need a Spotify premium account to enjoy this feature. Still, it’s something worth investing in, especially since it brings out the best in Samsung’s most advanced smartwatch so far.

Gear IconX

That compatibility and versatility is definitely worth spending on, as the Samsung ecosystem is worth migrating to, whether you’re a fitness freak or a music junkie. Plus, the Gear Sport is a pretty stylish timepiece too, with its interchangeable straps, slick rotating bezel, and industrialised metal design, making it a cinch to pair with any outfit.
Oh, and from Nov 20, every purchase of the Gear Sport will allow buyers to receive two free straps – the Brabola Hybrid Orange Strap and Brabola Nato Premium in Navy Blue (worth $96), so there’s no reason why you should miss out!

Brabola Hybrid Orange Strap


Brabola Nato Premium in Navy Blue

For more information on the Gear Sport ($448), Gear Fit2 Pro ($268), and Gear IconX ($268), visit