This Local Singaporean Skincare Label Gets How Stressed We All Are

By Pailin Boonlong
I’m the type of person who gets bored using the same skincare product again and again. Skincare staples aside (I’ve stuck by the same sunscreen for years; Shiseido Anessa Perfect, $34), I like changing up my skincare routine with new products – I have this unproven theory that my skin will develop a resistance if it keeps absorbing the same ingredients.
When I first came across RE:ERTH, I was struck by how a local skincare label just gets it. They know we want something low-maintenance to reduce our stressful days, not add to them. They say they embrace “mindfulness”, and I can’t really tell if applying moisturiser helps me practice mindfulness but I do appreciate how there’s simplicity to their products. No surprises there, since RE:ERTH is short form for “Re-encountering Earth”. They’ve carefully considered the absolute necessity of each product, and ended up with a curated line of six products – which are basic essentials in their own right.

The range: Multi-Targeted Elixir, Calming Toner, Clarifying Cleanser, Hydrating Gel Moisturiser, Soothing Eye Cream.

I was intrigued enough to try RE:ERTH’s Starter Kit ($406) for a week. Yep, that means no other serum, no other toner, no other moisturisers – I strictly stuck to these six products for my skincare regime. This was initially a struggle for me: I pretty much vary all the products I have on a daily basis, and it went from using something like 6 different skincare labels in one day to just…one.
The Multi-Targeted Elixir comes in a pretty rose-gold shade.

The Multi-Targeted Elixir ($134) is the obvious star of the show. Like all of RE:ERTH’s products, it has Japanese White Tumeric Root all the way from Mount Aso in Kyushu – this is said to give you firm and supple skin. Although RE:ERTH is a local skincare label, all their products are “Made in Japan”. I don’t know if what I smelled is Japanese White Tumeric Root, but it was pleasantly sweet. It came in a fully rose-gold bottle and had this swivel cap that was quite nifty. You didn’t have to uncap it, just turn it slightly and the pump would reveal itself.
Took quite a bit of effort to pump this out!

But after a few uses, it became increasingly difficult to squirt out the Elixir. No matter the angle of the bottle (I tried horizontal, pointing downwards, slightly angled – everything!), it was a struggle to get the Elixir out. It turns out that pretty packaging isn’t always practical.
Good thing it redeems itself when actually applied. The Elixir is a deep shade of translucent orange/ yellow, and it easily absorbs into your skin. You’re meant to use this straight after cleansing your face with the Clarifying Cleanser ($87), which “sweeps away light makeup, sebum, and debris on the skin without stripping it of essential moisture”.
Yes, you read this right: you’re meant to apply the Elixir before the Calming Toner ($87). If this sounds strange to you, it’s because we’re all used to dabbing Toner onto our faces with cotton buds right after cleansing. It’s meant to be the second essential step of any skincare routine, so it’s a bit strange that it comes after applying the Elixir. The reason for this is because the Elixir is quickly absorbed into the skin within ten seconds, to help refine your pores and even out your skin tone. The founders want this to be the first thing on your face after cleansing, so there’s nothing else between your skin and the Elixir. The Toner is then applied to help rebalance and soften the skin.
All are suitable for daily use, but the Elixir is the star product.

The Hydrating Gel Moisturiser ($106) and Smoothing Eye Cream ($124) both do their jobs – they moisturise. One pump from each should be enough to moisturise a person with combination to oily skin, I lean towards dry skin and needed two pumps of the Hydrating Gel Moisturiser. Both are quite mild and lightweight which makes them suitable for use in Singapore’s humid climate, and give a soft, velvety feel to the skin. However, the Eye Cream takes a while to absorb fully and you need a lot of patting for it to sink in.
One common thing across all products – I really liked how they all smelled.
RE:ERTH encourages mindful beauty and reconnecting to nature.

If you had to try just one product from RE:ERTH’s range, it would be the Multi-Targeted Elixir. While the other products are suitable for everyday use and are comparable to other premium “Made in Japan” brands, the price does seem slightly steep for such bare essentials. This could be possibly be due to the quality of ingredients – after all, their products do all have Japanese White Tumeric to stimulate collagen production, Japanese Spring Tumeric Leaf Extract to reduce melanin production, and Yellow Tumeric which offers many antioxidant properties.
Their Starter Kit ($406) is a good choice for someone who wants a fuss-free skincare routine that’s filled with nature-derived quality ingredients.
Find out more at RE:ERTH or purchase the Starter Kit here.
Header Image: NYLON Singapore
Images: NYLON Singapore