November 14, 2017

The genius of Prada lies in its ability to consistently capture the attention the Milan fashion press every season with its kitschy aesthetic often explained as the meeting point between beauty and intellect, all to boost sales for its iconic black nylon totes and shoulder bags. The comfortable coexistence between creativity and commerce has been the lifeline for Prada since its inception in 1913, a formidable formula weathering time and tide.

Vela leather-trimmed shell cosmetics case $329.67, Vela small textured-leather trimmed shell backpack $1045.31, Vela textured leather-trimmed shell cosmetics case $269.07 on Net-a-Porter

This year, Prada launched the line of “trick robot” accessories which we reckon make the perfect bag charms of 2017. They resemble vintage motorised toys you’d find in a hipster art museum or collector’s basement. If “personality” is the overarching sentiment in fashion right now, these trick robots definitely spruce up the desirability of Prada’s lineup of vela bags. Following the success of another of Prada’s pop-up store focusing on their trick robots at TANGS just last month, we’re expecting to see brunch ladies and eccentric men spotting these glamorous trinkets very soon.

robot charm keyring $440, robot bag charm $610, robot keychain $440 on Farfetch

If you’re feeling inspired, head down to Prada’s pop-up store located at the heart of Ion Orchard anytime from today to 30 November 2017, where you can matchmake your favourite vela bag silhouettes to a trick robot of your fancy. If not for anything else, be enamoured by Prada’s signature interior black-and-white checkered floor carpeting, natural aluminium for its display units to complement the futuristic vision of the brand, and life-sized trick robots who will convince you to get their miniature counterparts.

Images from Prada