We're In Love With The Coco…nut-Scented Mascara

Don’t be fooled by the millennial pink packaging that Maybelline’s latest mascara. It’s not pastel pink-colored mascara, but it come in a close second with a coconut scent. The mascara is your usual black (or brown) colour, just like all the other cult Maybelline mascaras.
We all know that coconut oil is a miracle when it comes to natural beauty solutions. The other variations of coconut oil like coconut butter and coconut water are equally popular, and are used in everything from moisturisers to hair masks and even in foundations. So why not mascaras as well?

The absolute temptation – a pastel pink mascara tube that smells of coconut!

The all new mascara formula uses coconut butter which results in a light and fluffy mascara formula, according to beauty website PopSugar who managed to get their hands on a tube. Coconut butter is moisturising and a couple swipes of the mascara will have you feeling like you just applied conditioner to your eyelashes. Considering how famed Maybelline’s mascaras are, we aren’t surprised that they thought of infusing coconut butter into our mascaras to get those lovely, long lashes. At the recent Spring 2018 New York Fashion week, makeup artists who managed to get their hands on the lab samples of the coconut-infused mascara were loving it as well – and if it’s got their stamp of approval, it can’t be that bad!
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Buildable volume, according to Maybelline

Aptly named the Total Temptation Mascara, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be tempted by the soothing aromas even if the packaging didn’t work. According to PopSugar, the mascara smells like coconut butter instead of the sharp coconut-y smell that you get when you drink straight out of a coconut.
Plus it is pretty affordable, with a price point of US$7.99. While you can get it now online at Amazon, the Total Temptation Mascara will hit stores in January 2018 – but we can’t say it will reach our shores! Making up the rest of the Total Temptation is a Brow Definer Eyebrow Pencil and an Eyeshadow & Highlight Palette that come in the same millennial pink packaging, but without the coconut extract. Super tempting huh.
The Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara in Blackest Black, Brownish Black, and Very Black is now available online at Amazon, and will (hopefully) hit our drugstores along with the rest of the world on January 2018