Here's What's Great About McDonald's Signature Collection's Latest Additions

Just last week we were rushing to get our collectible LINE friends handheld fans, but already McDonald’s has sucked us back into their world with an update of their Signature Collection: The Original Angus and Angus Mushroom Supreme are making their way to a spot on that menu!

The Original Angus $6.20, Mushroom Angus Supreme $6.70 a la carte

If the patties on these beauties look extra juicy, that’s because they’re beefier than those of other fast food burgers. Made with 100% Angus beef without fillers or additives, you’ll be sure to get every bang for your buck with every bite.
Why not top off your gourmet experience with an upgraded side of McDonald’s rendition of cheese fries? It’s the classic recipe we all love, plus nacho cheese and sour cream and bacon bits! Get a The Original Angus Extra Value Meal for $8.75 and Mushroom Angus Supreme Extra Value Meal for $9.30, or with the tried-and-tested Classic Angus Cheese Extra Value Meal for $10.95.

Cheesy Loaded Fries

From 7 December 2017, you’ll be able to order these burgers via McDelivery® and UberEATS. But mark your calendars, because while The Original Angus will be available 24/7, the Mushroom Angus Supreme and Cheesy Loaded Fries are limited edition and will only be available until they’re not!
For more information, visit McDonalds.
Images from McDonalds