How To Get All The Likes: The World’s Most Instagrammed Cities In 2017

When it comes to Instagram-worthy places, we all know that we’ll go all out just to get that one photo if we know that it’ll get us all those likes on Instagram. From sneaking onto rooftops to taking over a hundred shots just to get the angle, there is always a good picture waiting to be taken round the corner. So now, combine that with your love for traveling (and having cool #wanderlust photos), and you’ve got the perfect formula for more likes. Don’t you realise that people tend to like traveling pictures more?

Instagram has released the 10 most Instagrammed countries of 2017, and we can’t honestly say that we were surprised by half the list because those countries had tons of landmarks and touristy places where visitors love to visit. Two cities in Russia made the list, but surprisingly, the only Asian city to make the list is Jakarta. Well, maybe its good to have more photos to look back upon because Jakarta seems to the city that’s sinking so fast it’s a battle between Jakarta and Maldives to see which country will end up underwater first. Maybe its time to make a trip there to snap a couple for the ‘gram before it’s too late!

If you are stuck here in Singapore wondering if there’s nothing Insta-worthy here, you might want to just head over to Marina Bay Sands. Believe it or not, the infinity pool atop the hotel is the most Instagrammed hotel in 2017! Or you can head further out and go to one of these cities to join in the hype of being part of the entire Instagram community.

10. Barcelona, Spain


@xinidilligaf, @alittleblondeinparadise, @hendra.wahyuadi

9. Istanbul, Turkey


@hezarfen_34, @khalil_sk, @mimar.hanim and @abdullahshhn

8. Jakarta, Indonesia


@rasanyafilm, @greg_holman, @lbbjkt

7. St Petersburg, Russia

st petersburg

@pouzemski, @murselisikmusic, @jes.peniche

6. Los Angeles, US


@veni_vidi_mitsi, @fionico123, @hong_vans_closet

5. Paris, France


@marc_nouss,, @@parisexplorer

4. São Paulo, Brazil


@romashkamilla, @alexrlsfilho ,@fermentodesign

3. London, United Kingdom


@joannyny, @londonsbest, @marysenise

2. Moscow, Russia


@polabur, @knutnoer, @@elenakrizhevskaya

1. New York, US


@adidotcom, @cultchas, @nycprimeshot

Survey results sourced from Instagram 
Header images from @amandataysw, @murselisikmusic, @us_loverss