December 11, 2017

There may be no shortage of beauty drops across 2017, but if there’s one thing every beauty enthusiast knows, it’s that nothing beats what the festive season brings. Christmas is right around the corner, and since the act of giving and receiving ranks high on our list of priorities, we’re here to offer the cream of the crop in holiday beauty. From the biggest blockbuster makeup sets and skincare hampers to the most intoxicating fragrances and products we’d love to have on our Top Shelf, these luxe gifts are definitely worth every penny.

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The products we’ve got in our stash are enough to last us years, but when beauty brands decide to throw their best picks together and present it to us in the form of a gorgeous, gigantic vault, it’s hard to keep that wallet closed. Every beauty store (Sephora, in particular), has turned into a haven filled with bundles of joy decked out on the shelves. It doesn’t matter what kind of makeup you’re into, either. Of course, there are plenty of eyeshadow kits to go around, but we’re loving the complete makeup sets which help put our entire look together, just in time for the festivities.

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If there’s one thing eyeshadow fanatics can’t get enough of, it’s an extensive palette featuring all the shades their hearts desire. When the holiday season rolls around, however, so the do the limited edition palettes. Those collaborations with Rossy de Palma and Gigi Hadid have brought us the chicest of palettes, but of course, we’ll never leave out Urban Decay, especially since they’re purveyors of this makeup staple. We can’t resist the sparkling pigments and sleek gilded cases that embrace them, but can you really blame us? Go ahead, ditch them mattes this season and deck your lids in all shades of metallic and glitter.

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Legend has it, that if you douse yourself in every single item on this list, you will LITERALLY transform into a magical unicorn. Yup, we’ve got an entire beauty gift guide dedicated to one hell of a polarising beauty trend: glitter. For those who are in favour of more shimmer (🙌🏼 you know where we stand), this one’s for you. From soft shimmers that’ll bring a bit of illumination to your complexion, to heavy holographic glitter gleams, these products will render your KiraKira app useless.

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We may enjoy our Christmas beauty splurges, but our bank accounts definitely don’t. To cut them some slack, we’ve rounded up some of the wallet-friendly affordable gifts that are worth every cent, save for the advent calendar and a few of our favourite sets. But when you break it down, you’re really scoring them at a great deal, and the damage isn’t as bad as it seems. As for the cheaper variety on our list, its low price point certainly doesn’t reflect its quality, which is why we’ve included them here in the first place.

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Why go to the ends of the earth in search for quality beauty essentials when there are these homegrown brands around? With this many labels making their way into the beauty scene, there are even more reasons for us to go local this Christmas. With a slew of new launches, we’ve noticed a little trend amongst the locals, too. Most of these brands are honed in on a natural variety of skincare and makeup, offering a myriad of pampering formulas to care for our complexions while showing Mother Nature some love. So if you know a beauty junkie who’d love a few festive treats made with the best ingredients, have a read below.

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From fresh florals to woody orientals, a fragrance can do more than just make you smell attractive. An intoxicating scent is one that will lift your mood as well as your confidence, so you might notice a slight shift in behaviour after a quick spritz. With this many perfumes out there, however, you might be expanding your fragrance wardrobe this festive season. Here’s our selection of fragrances to evoke every wonderful facet of Christmas.

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Even if it doesn’t seem like we’re big on beauty, our cluttered desks in the NYLON office are a dead giveaway. In fact, they look like they could be featured in an episode of Hoarders: Beauty Edition. While we do go a little crazy over new makeup launches when they drop, we’re a bunch that prioritises skincare, because who doesn’t want a naturally flawless, glowing complexion?

Great skin isn’t simply a matter of DNA, which is why we’ve turned to a dizzying number of products on the market to solve our skin woes – some of us have even adopted the comprehensive multi-step Korean skincare routine that has sparked a ton of intrigue in recent years. It can be somewhat exhaustive to hunt for items that work for us, so to make our lives easier, some of our favourite brands have assembled their most nourishing picks to restore radiance, just in time for the holidays.

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Nostalgia works. There’s tons of scientific explanations and case studies that could explain why nostalgia works, but you aren’t here for that. You probably clicked onto this article because you’ve got that one friend who loves everything to do with TV and movies, and can pretty much understand every single pop culture reference on the internet, but what do you get her? A shirt with some 90s gadget or famous movie poster? That’s just way too clichéd.

If you’ve got a gal friend and you’re stuck on what would make a good gift, why not get her some really cool pop culture and 90s inspired makeup? Not only are these beauty items super useful, they also make really cute additions to her makeup shelf. You’re welcome.

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