NYLON's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Music Makes You Lose Control

Whether it’s gritty rhymes spouted out of a rapper’s mouth, melodic guitar licks with a cranked up bass, or thumping beats from a DJ, there’s only one universal truth in this world: we love music, and that’s something that will never change, despite humanity’s perpetual inability to agree with one another.
Which brings us to our next category in our epic holiday gift guide: the music lover. This is not a person who simply pops in earbuds for the commute home. Neither is this someone who switches on music for “background noise”. This is a person who lives and breathes music, the sort of person who will say: “if music is a crime, then throw me in jail, motherf*cker.”
Well, yeah. You get the drift. So we’ve got here lined up a list of all the best gifts you can buy for that audiophile in your life. Even though these people are tough nuts to crack, if you can enhance their musical experience by even the smallest sonic inch, they’ll be indebted to you for life. Here goes:

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1. Beoplay M3, $449, available at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya showrooms
Take your listening experience to the next level with the Beoplay M3, the most compact member of its wireless home speaker family. It’s powerful on its own, but even mightier when combined with other multi-room speakers in the range. Simple and sleek, this speaker will make the perfect addition to any modern home.
2. Ticket Shadow Box, US$28.97, available online at amazon.com
It can be hard to store memories from concerts – scrapbooks are so clichéd, merch is too bulky, and it’s useless to even think of printing out the pictures you snapped on your phone. This ticket shadow box is a cute addition for your wall, and you can also easily drop in your concert tickets, wristbands and even flyers the moment you reach home so you don’t lose them!
3. Uncommon Goods Personalised Mixtape Doormat, $51.50, available at Uncommongoods.com 
This Christmas, go retro and gift your favourite music junkie a personalised mixtape doormat. With its classic cassette details set in colourfast dye, you can place any text on the mix’s title line to give your guests a nostalgic welcome to your crib.
4. Marshall Stockwell Speakers, $459, available at Harvey Norman
Every music lover needs music wherever they go. These portable Marshall Stockwell Speakers take it to the next level, delivering big sound with a small package. It is Marshall’s smallest travel speaker but its rechargeable batteries have a solid life with 25 hours of playing time.
5. Art Vinyl Play and Display Record Frame, $181.70, available at artvinyl.com

Are you even a serious music enthusiast if you don’t own vinyl records? Well, you at least know a friend who’d love to display his/her passion on the walls with this stylish trio of frames — they get to easily swap out their favourite records any time.

6. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Pack, $229, available via sweelee.com.sg
There’s only one thing better than listening to good music, and that’s creating it. But where to start, you may ask. Well, you can’t go wrong with one of the oldest instruments in the book – the acoustic guitar. Get those fingers working, and those riffs rocking with this classy Fender FA-100 acoustic pack from Swee Lee.
7. Happy Socks The Beatles Gift Set, $59, available at CK TANGS, HappySocks Avenue, and other authorised HappySocks retailers
Only other hardcore Beatles will be able to recognise what your Yellow Submarine socks are actually alluding to. This gift set of three limited edition The Beatles socks is perfect for that fan who is still stuck in the Beatlemania era – just another day in the life of being friends with a music lover.
8. Sweet Saba x On Pedder Candy Cassette Tapes, $60, available at On Pedder
Madonna. Nirvana. Taylor Swift. Big Bang. These musicians may stylistically be worlds apart but they have one thing in common — they’re all being immortalised on these hard candy cassette tapes, by New York-based luxury candy line, Sweet Saba, and in a myriad of handpainted colours and fruity flavours too. A pretty sweet deal for any fanboy/girl.
9. VAIN STHLM, $202, available via vainsthlm.com
The perfect gadget for music lovers does not exist, but VAIN STHLM’s Commute series comes pretty darn close. High performance, wireless headphones that belong to the luxury tier, the Commute delivers pounding bass, a rich treble, and a balanced mid-range. Plus, there’s that slick Scandinavian design too. Neat.
10. Mini Karaoke Microphone, $13.70, available at ShopBop.com.
For those who can’t wait to unleash their inner rock star – this petite microphone is compatible with any smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer, making it easy to create and share recordings with friends.

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