NYLON’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: The Honest-To-Wellness Fitspo Friend

This one should be familiar — you’ve got that person in your life who’s always opting for avocado toasts and açaí bowls, not for the ‘gram but because they actually believe in it. He/she reads the labels on every item at the supermarket and is always ready to educate you on what you’re haplessly ingesting (read: it’s never good), and the one who extolls the value of coconut oil’s multiple uses in their lives. True story.
So here’s one for all the yoga enthusiasts, healthy living advocates, and the people who actually don’t waste their gym memberships, just because they’ve made barre/crossfit/hot yoga and whatever trendy fitness regime part of their daily lives. The ones who don’t actually go crazy over the insanity workout. And yep, that awesome gym buddy who’s constantly there to cheer you on.

1. T2 Tea Christmas Limited Edition Brews + Teapots, from $10, available at T2 stores
Whether your friend’s really into healthy living, or they’re just starting out on this arduous uphill task, go ahead and gift them a lovely colourful tea set they can use when they absolutely need to chill the — zen out.
2. VitaJuwel Via Bottle in Focus, $180, available at vitajuwel.sg
Your friend’s all about keeping pure, but here’s where their water can get even more crystal-clear — quite literally now since this water bottle contains actual crystals. This blend of energetically-charged gemstones (red jasper, agate, sodalite etc.) infuses into the water and positively boosts inner balance and serenity. All is well, and all is wellness it seems.
3. Jabra Elite Sport, $368, available at authorised Jabra retailers
Exercise used to be just you and your reps – well, not anymore. People are starting to use technology to keep in shape, marking a seismic shift in exercise trends, so how we listen to music while working out has changed too. All this has paved the way for the cord-free, waterproof Jabra Elite Sport – a petite gadget that promises to be every fitness buff’s best friend.
4. Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker, US$74.02, available at storkz.com
Desserts are insidious. They look great, but they’re horrible for the body. And it’s pretty difficult to satisfy a sweet tooth healthily. Thankfully, there’s the Yonanas Dessert Maker to save the day. This handy gadget turns any frozen fruit into soft-serve, and since it gives you total control, you can do away with all that added fat, sugar, or preservatives – nasty stuff.
5. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair, US$79.98, available at gaiam.com
If you seek a powerful core-strengthening workout that helps improve your posture and spinal alignment at the same time, Gaiam’s Classic Balance Ball Chair is it. This stable, lightweight chair provides ergonomic support for your back and gives you an effective low-impact workout while you’re glued to your desk.
6. Made by Fressko Tour Flask (400ml), $64.75, available at madebyfressko.com/sg
Water, tea, coffee, fruits, or smoothies – anything goes with this chemical-free, bamboo and double-walled glass flask. Available in 3 sizes, the original Made by Fressko bottle allows you to brew as you go, so you can create fruit-infused cocktails or carry a special tea blend around without fearing it’ll leak.
7. Funfit Wide Waistband Shorts LL (with Keeperband) in Black, $52.90, available at funfit.com, Nex and authorised retailers
You can finally run like a free spirit without having your phone constantly bouncing around your thighs or worrying about your iPod weighing down your shorts! The Keeperband allows you to securely store ALL your running essentials like your phone and keys in the pocket built into your waistband.
8. New Balance 247 Mid, $169, available at authorised New Balance retailers
Winter is coming. Yep, we know; you’re thinking Game of Thrones. But we actually have something else in mind. Say hello to New Balance’s 247 Mid series, cozy kicks that come with a snug sock-like fit to keep your feet warm and toasty in cold weather, making them perfect 24/7 companions to bring around wherever you go.
9. Nokia Body+, $169, available at banleong.com
Once upon a time, all weighing scales did was to make you very happy, or very depressed. That restrictive period has thankfully come to an end, thanks in part to smart scales like Nokia’s Body+ – a Wi-Fi scale that accurately measures weight, body composition, and tracking to help you achieve your fitness goals. Game up, indeed.
10. Fitbit Ionic, $458, available at retailers including Best Denki, Challenger, and Harvey Norman
Fitbit’s newest launch is a smart watch that has everything – a fitness tracker, industry-leading GPS, heart rate tracking, on-device guided workouts, and automatic sleep tracking. It’s all you ever needed, in one simple smart watch. We love how you only need to charge it once every five days. Even better? It’s also waterproof, so you can bring it along with you during your swims.
11. Zero Degree Aromatic Herbal Inhaler, $26, myzerodegree.com
As an all-natural, award-winning portably aromatherapy, your mind and body will be soothed with the refreshing scent of Mint, Eucalyptus oil, Black Pepper, Cinnamomum, and a blend of other natural herbs. Zero Degree claims that sniffing this particular scent will help regulate breathing, relieve motion sickness, and simply – let you feel more relaxed.
12. WODDICE Firebreather US$34.99. Available at roguefitness.com
Tired of the same old routine at the gym? These WODDICE will ensure that no two gym sessions will ever be the same! Everything from the allotted time, no. of reps and the type of exercise is all determined by a roll of the dice. With over 2 million possible combinations, you won’t be complaining for a very long time.
13. PINKSALT Bloom In Detail Hazel One-Piece, $139, available at pinksaltswim.co
We thought we’ve seen our fair share of stylish swimwear, well until local label PINKSALT came by with their minimalist offerings — the bold panel across the low back on this is stunning, as are the rose gold details and subtle floral designs, though let’s really celebrate its function here; these are sleek but modest enough to actually swim laps in.

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