NYLON's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Come on, you’ve heard the medley of sing-along carols they play in the malls right? It’s unmistakeable; our favourite festive holiday is around the corner, and in the cheerful spirit of giving, we’re here to offer our epic round-ups of the best gifts you can buy for your friend / family member / significant other. Only this time, it’s for the guy whose Instagram feed is curated to Hypebeast-style perfection, the couch potato who takes Netflix and chill to a new dormant level, or the basic b who thinks she’s a queen. Basically, like you, we love stereotyping people in our heads (for fun!), so we’re going along with that to suss out the perfect present.
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This one’s for the buzzword of the year: millennials.
We (oh yes, we) have been celebrated and gloriously marketed to, and then got our reputation dragged through the mud as famously as our dear Taylor Swift. Do we really need the attention? Apparently. So here’s a list that caters to our narcissistic selves: we’ve got something for the ‘gram, something with a bit of irony and humour, and a lot of pure pink class. All prizes, no participation awards. Time to bring cheer to that special snowflake of yours — you see, he or she probably feels entitled to that gift already.
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This time, however, we’re not targeting an age group, but a particular type of person; an individual that’s quite possibly the most loyal customer of all time, the user that every brand dreams of selling to: yes, we’re looking at you Apple fans.
Once upon a time, Apple products were marketed towards “creatives”. These days, anyone can an iPhone (if they can afford it), with plenty of goodies that come along with belonging to the iOS ecosystem. And, if you’re a major Apple fan, chances are that you’ll know someone who is one too. So, here’s the guide that’ll help you sort out the best stuff to get them.
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We all know one of them; the gaming enthusiast who’s constantly glued to the gaming device of their choice, whether it’s a portable one or not, and who can skilfully manoeuvre zombie outbreaks and war zones (virtual ones) with just a few choice buttons and sheer grit.
Sure, they get pretty holed up at times, a little antisocial maybe, but in no way do we imply nerdiness — after all, everyone’s a gamer nowadays, whether they’re crushin’ candy on their mobile phone, unceremoniously gathering in crowds to silently tap on their phones (we’re looking at you Pokémon Go masters), or safe at home mashing buttons on their zhng-ed up keyboard or gaming console controller. And the best among us? They’re hooked up to a mic, forging new alliances and being intrepid explorers of new alternative universes, we swear (and they literally do too) that it’s as romantic as it sounds.
Now, these gamers might be oddly specific about their technology, but we reckon we did a good job with some of these. Warning: lots of Star Wars geekery ahead, because are you really a geek if you’re not into the biggest space odyssey ever?
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Here’s an entire category dedicated to another buzzword of the year  – the hypebeast. The ‘hypebeast’ is not a new concept in the world of street hype, although this year saw a sudden spike in interest when Supreme decided to collaborate with Louis Vuitton for one of the most high-profile collaborations ever. Chances are, you probably couldn’t afford anything from the Supreme X Louis Vuitton collection or maybe you didn’t want to camp out in the heat overnight just for a couple of items.
We might secretly be judging all those street kids dripping in the hype from the brands they decorate themselves with, but inside we all wish to be like them too. If you didn’t manage to cop anything from the Supreme X Louis Vuitton drop, maybe these gift ideas might be able to quench the inner hypebeast in you, or that friend of yours. Now, all they need is a ghetto backdrop, a dope photographer, and invites to the coolest, most exclusive end-of-year parties.
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By now, you would’ve gotten used to the cheery Christmas tunes that are blasted everywhere and the novelty might’ve worn off – we won’t be surprised if you’ve grown more cynical of all things Christmas. But don’t let the sour grapes get you down – especially since it’s the season to be travelling! Everyone you know will be making a quick getaway, whether it’s to a far-far-away land or a short hop, skip, and a jump away.
We’ve prepared a gift guide to help you with your gift-giving to all the busy travellers out there. They might be practical, a bit silly, or outright wacky, but whatever it is, every traveller is certain to love them. P.S. we totally understand if you want to save some of these for yourself and your upcoming travel adventures.
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Whether it’s gritty rhymes spouted out of a rapper’s mouth, melodic guitar licks with a cranked up bass, or thumping beats from a DJ, there’s only one universal truth in this world: we love music, and that’s something that will never change, despite humanity’s perpetual inability to agree with one another.
Which brings us to our next category in our epic holiday gift guide: the music lover. This is not a person who simply pops in earbuds for the commute home. Neither is this someone who switches on music for “background noise”. This is a person who lives and breathes music, the sort of person who will say: “if music is a crime, then throw me in jail, motherf*cker.”
Well, yeah. You get the drift. So we’ve got here lined up a list of all the best gifts you can buy for that audiophile in your life. Even though these people are tough nuts to crack, if you can enhance their musical experience by even the smallest sonic inch, they’ll be indebted to you for life.
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We all know that one person who’s particularly food-centric, and we’re not talking about a person who simply likes to eat. Yup, we’re talking about that special foodie in your life. The one with the insatiable appetite to try out every new food joint, armed with a camera, ready to give their opinion on just about every dish. Being a foodie isn’t just about visiting cafes and restaurants, though. A foodie is one who won’t shun away from large chain establishments and hawker centres, too – you can’t deny that those places are home to some of the best indulgences.
So if you know someone who’s obsessed with culinary tourism, who won’t shut up about their dish recommendations, and who probably harvests their own herbs at home, then gift your favourite foodie friend something he/she will love.
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Oh that’s right, we’re talking about that one lazy formidable friend or sibling who takes dedication to the sloth life to an all new level. Netflix and chill? We say, they have zero chill about it because here they are, pulling an all-nighter, not for work or assignments, but just to watch the entire Stranger Things 2 in one sitting. You might think they don’t exactly have their priorities in check, but so what if their entire exercise regime involves walking to the fridge and back, all for the sake of a midnight snack refuel? You gotta admire their tenacity here. As long as they’ve got a comfortable couch/bed, and some chips in tow, they’re happy. Except if you throw a spoiler in their face!
Well, at least you know they’re the most reliable people to seek out when you need someone to geek out over the latest episode of whatever hit television series there is — heck, they might even be running the Reddit thread — so for that and more, quit the nagging, give in, and show some love to the couch potato.
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We’ve got gift guides so that you know what to get for the ever-lovable couch potatothat irritatingly cool millennialthe hardcore Apple fan, and the one with #wanderlust in his blood this Christmas season, but the hardest yet had to be shopping for the Youtuber and Snapchat Queens. These are the people who are constantly updating their lives on social media, and always seem to be on point with their outfits and accesories. So what do you get for your friends and family who seem like they’ve got everything they could possibly want?
Well, it’s pretty simple. Anything that helps to take better photos and videos is always a good bet; or you can look to get aesthetically pleasing gifts that your loved ones will be proud to show off on all their social media accounts. Just remember to subtly hint for them to tag you so that you can boast that you were featured on thatreallycoolperson’s Instagram.
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This one should be familiar — you’ve got that person in your life who’s always opting for avocado toasts and açaí bowls, not for the ‘gram but because they actually believe in it. He/she reads the labels on every item at the supermarket and is always ready to educate you on what you’re haplessly ingesting (read: it’s never good), and the one who extolls the value of coconut oil’s multiple uses in their lives. True story.
So here’s one for all the yoga enthusiasts, healthy living advocates, and the people who actually don’t waste their gym memberships, just because they’ve made barre/crossfit/hot yoga and whatever trendy fitness regime part of their daily lives. The ones who don’t actually go crazy over the insanity workout. And yep, that awesome gym buddy who’s constantly there to cheer you on.
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You might not wanna admit it, but every girl clique has one; the Taylor Swift of the hot celebrity/supermodel Taylor Swift squad, the Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child, and the Blair Waldorf of Manhattan’s elite. She’s brilliant, gorgeous, successful, talented, confident, and with fine taste and a glorious wardrobe that matches it. The only downside you kinda gleefully admit though? Yeah alright, she might be a little *whispers* basic, what with her unbridled love for pumpkin spice lattes and overuse of the dog face filter on Snapchat — but who cares! Love or hate her, refuse to like her Instagram posts but still stalk her #OOTDs anyway, she’s the undeniable It-Girl, who really already has everything you see, so what can you, oh humble gift-giver, bestow upon her? Well, these.
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And…the names have been drawn. This year’s Secret Santa has landed you with the task of buying a gift for your boss, and there’s a split second of minor shock before major panic engulfs. What exactly do you buy? Is there any hope? Will this…gasp, affect your job? Insert dramatic classical music.
Ah, but there’s no need to worry. Your boss is only human, and like all humans through the course of history, he or she loves being pampered with a good gift every now and then. Plus, a Secret Santa is probably the best opportunity to show just how well you know your boss. It’s basically free brownie points laid out on a platter for you.
But of course, a price-restricted Secret Santa exchange shouldn’t be the only way to show appreciation for the folks in charge. They too, deserve a little bit of splurging, and if you’re willing to splash the cash, here are the best gifts you should get.
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We all know that one person with an unhealthy obsession for working. Like a drug that never fully satisfies, he or she cannot stop replying emails, leave the office on time, or just well…stop working. And if this person is your colleague, you’ll see them trundling to the office on a daily basis looking like a zombie from The Walking Dead.
And that sight just makes you want to tell them to chill out, although by doing so, you risk them telling you to bugger off. So if you can’t beat them, join them. Feed their workaholic addictions with presents that’ll make them feel comfortable, even if they’ve somehow transformed 9 to 5 to 9 to 1 in the freaking morning. Here are the best presents you should buy that resident workaholic this Christmas.
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Remember when we were kindergarteners and would go “ewww!” every time our teachers asked us to line up two-by-two holding hands? It’s sure a long shot from that to becoming expecting parents, but for those of us who’ve found love in our lives, having kids can definitely be a happily-ever-after sort of cake-topper.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the fairytale isn’t over. In fact, it’s some twenty-odd years from the next time you’ll sleep without worry, if at all. That’s why we’re here to help — we’ve come up a list of great purchases you should invest in or hint unsubtly to your friends and family that you need this Christmas. These definitely won’t relieve you of the burden kids can unceremoniously bury you under, but hopefully they’ll help you get through the day without turning into Lynette from Desperate Housewives!
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