Shop These Gifts For Secret Santa Using Amazon's Prime Now Mobile App

Don’t dash through the snow cluelessly on the 24th of December clamouring for last-minute gifts or worse still, re-gift! Here at NYLON Singapore, we’re always thinking up the cookiest gifts to exchange with each other during the end-of-year festive period. Recently, Amazon just bought the rights to develop a Lord Of The Rings TV series that’s the only reason we need to sign up for Amazon Video, and yesterday’s launch of Amazon Prime in Singapore has us scrolling through its app Prime Now till no end. We admit we’ve been using Prime Now through the wee hours of night, so the infomercials playing on our TVs in the background might’ve affected our top suggestions for great office gifts this Christmas…

Put A Smile On Someone’s Face


Introvert and Middle Child Mints $8.80 each, Meat Markers $5.99, Cowgirl Lip Balm $13.57 from Archie McPhee

Call your colleages out out with these cutely-termed mints which are jokey enough to tickle their funny bone yet special enough they’ll know you pay attention to them over lunch and off-work-hours conversations. If you’re getting for a Ron Burgundy-type who loves an outdoor barbecue, these anthropomorphic-looking meat markers will make them think of you while they’re searing steaks, so you can bet they’ll leave you a portion the next time they try out some new recipe. Lip balms come in many flavours, but Cowgirl just gives us that “eeee haaa!” vibe when applying it on. Perfect for a colleague always on-the-go (we think), and even if it turns out to be just run-of-the-mill quality at least it’s got a funky design.

Bacon Everything


J&D’s Bacon Salt $9, Kettle Brand Maple Bacon Chips $2.83, Whoop Ass Bacon Hot Sauce $10.88

At this point bacon is more a lifestyle than ingredient. It can be incorporated into any meal of the day and, if you ask us frankly, mixed into any course. Just look at this selection of bacon-flavoured foods: there’s bacon salt to aromatise sauces for that extra kick, maple bacon chips which sounds like a perfect snack to munch over Christmas shows like our recent favourite movie Paddington, or hot sauce to one-up the heat of even the spiciest selection of instant noodles in the market!

When Tech Isn’t Tacky

Echo Dot $89.99Nintendo Switch $299, Oculus Rift $399

Remember how a rich person on TV used to be defined by their ability to control their house by voice command? Now you can give anyone that ability with the Echo Dot set, that uses Alexa to perform a whole series of tasks, including play music, open doors and read the news. Or how about the latest Nintendo Switch which multitasks as a game set for one or two players with its removable side remote controls. If not, the Oculus Rift can visually transport anyone from the office to Outer Space, prehistoric times or even Hell (that’s what some people call their offices). Tech gifts aren’t just for geeks who fan-out over cartoons and video games. They’re great for anyone who wants to make their lives easier or inject fun during mundane times!
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