The littleBits Droid Inventor Lets You Build Your Own R2-D2

There are many loveable droids in Star Wars. But can anyone confidently say with a straight face that R2-D2 isn’t the cutest? We think not. While C-3PO’s goofiness is endearing and BB-8 is just a ball of fun (quite literally), R2-D2 has never failed to capture the imagination with all his crazy quirks.
And now, you can build him for yourself too. Well, not using the complicated astromech building techniques obviously, but with an educational, fuss-free building kit that’s easy to digest, especially for people new to tech engineering; including kids.


In fact, this latest addition to the littleBits line of products is marketed towards kids. Called the Droid Inventor Kit, this learning tool comes with just about everything a little tot needs to know about droid construction. For instance, it has an app with instructional videos, as well as stickers and in-app missions, and 20 droid sounds.

What’s even cooler is a feature called “Force Drive”, which allows you to pilot your fully built droid with just the wave of your hand (how sick is that), but your little creation doesn’t need your help too. It can actually self-navigate, using some AI magic to manoeuvre itself around objects.

“We’ve created a gender-inclusive product that celebrates kids’ own self-expression and ingenuity, while showcasing the same characteristics of imagination, grit and invention that are embodied in the Star Warsfranchise,” said littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir in a statement.
If you’re starting to catch the Star Wars fever and you desperately need a cure, the Droid Inventor Kit could just be the perfect medication before Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts in theatres on Dec 14. Get yours for $159 via, 12 Geeks, and all Challenger stores. 
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Images: littleBits