This Gel Liner Is Your Best Friend When It Comes To Recreating Runway Looks

We all love watching fashion shows just to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and makeup as they debut on the catwalk. As much as we love all the runway looks, it might be daunting to even think of where to start. Eye makeup looks are probably the easiest to recreate – all you need is the right tools. We just stumbled onto KATE Tokyo’s range of eyeliners, and found that the KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil is pretty versatile, making it a good choice to create fancy looks. From clean, sharp looks that could cut you to intense, smokey looks, this little pencil will be your best friend.


The KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil

The gel liner comes in a super slim tube, which makes it easier for toting around and application. Just like other automatic pencil eyeliners, all you have to do is turn the case to extend the product. But don’t go overboard and unwind the entire eyeliner stick to see how much product you have left (we are totally guilty of this too), because the shaft is non-retractable. You’ll have to break off the excess eyeliner if you screw it out too much, so twist out only the amount you think you’ll use! The super fine and smooth gel tip is only 1.5mm wide, which means that you’ll never have to worry about ending up with a rounded wing tip. Unlike a liquid eyeliner, you’ll be able to use the KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil to create smokey eye looks too; the gel based formula easily blends out without losing any of its intensity. In case you were wondering, the gel liner goes on smoothly on top of any eyeshadow, which makes it much more useful than your regular crayon eyeliner.

The best thing we really loved about this eyeliner was how smudge-proof and fade-resistant the eyeliner actually was. The KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil actually delivers on its promise to hold up against sweat, rain, and even tears. In our humid weather that threatens to rain every other day, it can be tough to find the right eyeliner that can actually stay on your eye for the entire day, without fading or smudging from the oil on your face. It can even last through running water (yes, we actually tried it ourselves) – so if you need a really waterproof eyeliner to withstand the torrential rains at Zoukout and Laneway and still look on point; look no further. Your eyeliner is not going anywhere unless you take some heavy-duty makeup remover to it.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 4.18.38 PM

You don’t need to run away from running water anymore

If black is too intense for you, the KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil also comes in a more natural brown colour. Brown is perfect for those who prefer a more natural look, and can also be used to help soften intense eye looks. Now that we’re on the topic of intense eye looks again, we’re going to show you how to pull off a whole range of runway-worthy looks that everyone can rock too with this one pencil.
We invited celebrity makeup artist Dollei Seah to show us how to wear three runway looks as everyday styles. We chose to recreate the classic cat eye with a twist, took a stab at the tricky fishtail eyeliner look, and how to pull off the ever popular cut-crease look. Creating these looks takes a steady hand and precise strokes. Some of the looks can easily become too heavy if you aren’t careful, so here’s a tip that Dollei shared with us: first use the eyeliner to dot between your lashes to get as close to the lash lines as possible for a fine line. You’d also want the focus to be on your eyes, so go light on the rest of your face makeup. Another trick we learnt from Dollei to create a natural look is to wear your blush below your foundation to reduce the intensity, and also to dot your lip colour along your lip instead of swiping it on for a subtle pop of colour.
Watch the video to see how you can recreate these looks for yourself:

Here are the finished looks so that you can save it for easy reference.
Look 1: Classic Cat Eye

Look 2: Fishtail Eyeliner

Look 3: Cut Crease

Products used: 
KATE Designing Eyebrow 3D in EX-4
KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil in BK-1
KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil in BR-1
KATE Brown Shade Eyes N in BR-3
KATE Brown Shade Eyes N in BR-7
KATE Glamorous Lash Volume Mascara in BK-1

Sai Vidhya
Dollei Seah
Hanli Hoefer @ Ave Management

The KATE Sharp Lock Gel Pencil (in 2 colours), $20.50 , available at selected Sasa and Watsons stores.