Explore "Gucci Garden," An Eden Of Beauty, History and Gastronomy

Temperatures may be dipping in Singapore, but the season’s always spring with Gucci.
Just two days ago, the ancient Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence was lit by a single neon lavendar eye, as though to open ours to the magnificent paradise that’s been fabricated inside. Such is the brilliance of creative director Alessandro Michele, who following his some-fifteen-year stint as accessories designer of the luxury fashion house has since birthed a vision so all-encompassing it’s translated seamlessly into memes, fragrances, even a homeware line.
Alessandro_Michele_photo Peter Schlesinger

Alessandro Michele

His latest project’s so vast it can’t really fit into one spatial category: a polyamorous marriage among concept store, museum and fine dining, “Gucci Garden” is undoubtedly the freshest art-pornography fashion’s seen in quite a long time.
At first we’d thought too that “Garden” was a clever way to connect the space to the Gucci brand, but in fact Michele had thought otherwise about it: “The garden is real, but it belongs above all to the mind, populated with plants and animals: like the snake, which slips in everywhere, and in a sense, symbolises a perpetual beginning and a perpetual return.” What a poet.
Which is why a strange way, we wouldn’t have been surprised if Michele had singlehandedly transformed the three-storey building, but as is he to do “Gucci Garden” is a history lesson of Gucci, including iconic pieces from even other designers dating back to the brand’s beginnings that sit well with the most current, trendy items collaborators Gucci Ghost and Coco Capitan have been roped in for.
Even fashion-snobs have a reason to check out “Gucci Garden,” but if you probably guessed, the courses reek Gucci. Three-Michelin-star Osteria Francescana chef Massimo Bottura draws inspiration from the Italian experience to satisfy the visitor who’s there just to further saturate her ridiculously glamorous Instagram life.
Check out the spaces you’ll be walking into when you visit “Gucci Garden”:

Ground Floor

Gucci Garden_Boutique_006


Gucci Garden_BookStore_003


First Floor: Gucci Garden Galleria

Gucci Garden_Guccification_0566
Gucci Garden_PARAPHERNALIA_001

Gucci Garden Cinema


Second Floor: Gucci Garden Galleria

Gucci Garden_DE RERUM NATURA_001


Gucci Garden_Ephemera0_0516


Opening Hours

Store: 10.00 – 19.30
Gucci Garden Galleria: 10.00 – 19.30 (last entry 18.30) Gucci Osteria: reservations from 12.00 – 20.30
Seven days a week, year-round, with closures planned for 25th December, 1st January and 15th August.
Ticket Price
8 euros; 50% of each ticket sale will be donated to support restoration projects in the City of Florence. Concessions: entry to the Gucci Garden Galleria is free for people aged 65 and over, for children under the age of 12, for disabled persons, for citizens of Florence (Mondays only) and for employees of the company. Students can enter for a discounted fee of 6 euros.