Fashion Is For Everyone (And Every Animal…?)

Fashion can be pretty intimidating when we take our first steps into the pool of trends, styles and brands to find what suits us best. Outfits that look great on models and celebrities may not always look that amazing (or appropriate) on us laypeople. However, these unlikely models are showing us that fashion does not discriminate by rocking every single outfit that they put on. We have to say, they may just be more chic and stylish (and better paid) than us humans.

Zappa The Cat (@zappa_the_cat)

Fashion is my middle name💅🏻

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Zappa, a 3-year-old white short-haired cat, hails from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her Instagram account mostly features her lying around, sitting in bowls, sleeping and making funny cat faces – in other words, normal cat stuff. But occasionally, Zappa puts on dapper streetwear looks and poses for the camera. Her soft, white fur gives her an air of sophistication and confidence which makes streetwear suit her to a T. Long story short, Zappa was made to model. Her featured outfits are custom made to fit her agile body, replicating human regular products of major brands like Off-White and Stüssy. Ahh, this cat is living the life.

Bodhi, Meanswear Dog (@meansweardog)

Breaking necks with my good looks since 2009 @levis #sideswag

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You’ve probably heard of Bodhi from a few years back but he is still enjoying a solid modelling career. Bodhi, a 7-year-old Shiba Inu, is probably the most stylish dog you will ever see. He is such a natural in front of the camera that designers like Coach and ASOS have hired him as a paid model for their brands. His style is versatile, ranging from Hawaiian shirts, bow-tie tuxedos and sleek leather jackets – and he rocks all of them. Bodhi was raking in $15,000 a month a few years ago, just from modelling gigs alone. Although some time has passed, it doesn’t seem like this dog is getting any less popular, sporting brands like Levi’s and YSL in his recent Instagram posts.

Doug, The Pug (@itsdougthepug)

Okay, perhaps Doug isn’t the most sought after model compared to Zappa and Bodhi but the ingenuity of outfits that he gets dressed in for his Instagram makes up for the lack of fashion brand partnerships. Doug’s Instagram photos are carefully orchestrated by his owner, Leslie Mosier, with each outfit and pose matching the props and background. The 6-year-old pug’s looks range from black leather punk rock, topped with a wig to being dressed as a piece of bacon, staring at a plate of bacon and eggs right in front of him. Doug’s versatility shows us that we don’t need to limit ourselves to a specific style all the time – as long as our clothes make us happy, who can tell us otherwise? Also, did we mention that Doug has been cradled by Cole Sprouse, the cast of Stranger Things and kissed by Camila Cabello? His life is definitely better than ours.
Header image: Hypebae