Go Back To The 90's With PUMA X FUBU Collaboration

It is common knowledge that the hip-hop/streeetwear style really took off in the 1990s, especially with the growth of rap music and boy bands. FUBU may not ring a bell for most people today but it was a 90’s heavyweight hip-hop apparel brand, dressing A-list celebrities such as N’SYNC, P. Diddy and LL Cool J.
With such an important role in the history of streetwear, it is only fitting that PUMA has chosen to team up with FUBU to release a capsule collection that pays tribute to their iconic streetwear roots as part of the Suede’s 50th anniversary.

N’SYNC in FUBU apparel

The star of the collection is the Classic Suedes in black velour, accented with red velour piping and lining. The cherry on top is the gold PUMA and FUBU branding that stands out from the luscious black but doesn’t overwhelm due to its perfect size and placement.


The collection also presents us with tracksuits in the classic 90’s fit. The T7 track jacket and pants come in black velour, with a bold red ‘FUBU’ logo across the jacket’s front and a thick red line that runs down the sleeves and pant legs to frame the whole outfit. Tees are also included in the collection for a full PUMA X FUBU look. And not to worry, although hip hop can be occasionally biased towards men, a ladies’ collection will also be available so that there’s something for everyone from this iconic collaboration.


The designs are simple but eye-catching thanks to the bright bold red accents on all the pieces, bringing just the right amount attention to the outfit to call for a double-take. Even though streetwear has evolved, the essence of the style has remained the same and this 90’s-inspired collection still looks extremely on point.
The PUMA X FUBU Collection is available online at puma.com, from 26 January. 
For more information, go to PUMA.
Images: PUMAplaybuzz.com