Holy Crap, this Shirt is Actually a Playable Electronic Guitar

If lugging around a full guitar set is troublesome, and “air guitar-ing” is out of the question (and totally uncool), how does one satisfy their rock ‘n’ roll urges? Playing Sabbath or Hendrix from a JBL speaker over a couple of beers is pretty fun for a few hours, but after awhile, that gets old too. So what’s left?
Well, ThinkGeek has the most brilliant answer to that proverbial question with its Playable Electronic Guitar Shirt.


Yes, we know what you’re thinking. This shirt is absolutely playable, and is a dream come true for guitar addicts who can’t bear to leave their homes without their beloved instruments. Fitted with 15 major chords, ranging from F to B, the shirt produces sounds recorded from an actual guitar and can be plugged into an amp.
Holy moley, a shirt can be plugged into an amp! Just think about it. 2018 may have been the year that we hoped to see flying cars or at least something as technologically impressive, but playable shirts cut it for the time being. The included mini guitar amp speaker clips to your belt and has a 3.5mm audio jack (can’t believe that this is an actual feature now).

Playable Electronic Guitar Shirt with Included Mini Amp

To play the shirt, simply press down on certain parts of the neck and “strum”. By strum, we mean touching the string area, since there aren’t any strings involved. Oh, and if you think that washing is going to be a pain in the ass, not to worry. Spoilage will be avoided as electronic components can be removed.
Maintenance instructions are found at the back of the package, but we’re guessing that you guys only care about is how it sounds. Unfortunately, the answer is not too great. Though for the cheap, low-bit sound that comes out of this tackily designed tee, it’s actually pretty cute, even fun. Just don’t take it too seriously, that’s all. Check out how it sounds like in the video below:

You can also play Joan Jett’ & The Blackhearts’ I Love ‘n Roll on this wearable thingamajig, which you can check out in the video below:

At the end of the day, the Playable Electronic Guitar Shirt will never score you points fashion-wise, but it’s a fun shirt, and a neat party trick. Get yours for US$29.99 at ThinkGeek’s website.
For more information, visit thinkgeek.com.
Images: ThinkGeek