February 28, 2018

Whether you know the heartthrob for his long luscious locks or heard about him from his boyband days, you can’t deny that Harry Styles is a force to reckon with. The singer used to be one fifth of one of the world’s biggest teenage boyband, One Direction, complete with cheesy dance moves and cringe-y lyrics, but has since grown up to a bona fide rock star. Which isn’t that surprising because Harry considers The Beatles, Coldplay and Kings of Leon as some of his musical inspirations.

If you haven’t heard Sign Of The Times or Kiwi, you have been missing out. Harry Styles’ self-titled first album is chock-full of good ol’ British rock and roll, a welcome and a much needed departure from the pop-fuelled songs of One Direction.

And we’re not going to be done with the pop star anytime soon – it’s not been even a year since his last concert and Harry’s due to return to our tiny island, this time for a proper concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. We may have seen him live before, but we can’t wait to catch him again! To help you get more familiar with Harry Styles before his upcoming concert in May, here are 7 things that we bet you and even some hardcore Directioners didn’t know.

1. People throw tomatoes at horrible singers; Directioners throw kiwis at Harry Styles


That’s what you get for writing a song titled Kiwi, Harry. Overzealous fans took it upon themselves to hurl kiwi fruits at the singer during the appropriately titled song in the name of fun, causing Harry to nearly slip during his stop at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Despite all this, Kiwi still remains Harry’s favourite song from the album. Considering how strict security at Singapore concerts are when it comes to outside food and drinks, we reckon it’ll be pretty hard to sneak in a bag  of kiwis into the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

2. If Harry got his way, he would have chopped all his hair off a long time ago



Harry Styles is synonymous with curly, luscious locks in the hair department. But we were nearly deprived of all that long locks when Harry wanted to chop it all off. Luckily, his stylist stopped him until he signed up for an acting role that required him to have short hair.

3. Harry’s silver screen debut was a World War II film, ‘Dunkirk’



We won’t lie – we were actually pleasantly surprised by Harry Styles’ performance in gritty, war-torn film, Dunkirk. Director Christopher Nolan indeed has a eye for spotting hidden talents, who casted Harry because he believed in what he saw in Harry during his auditions and not because of his legions of fans (guaranteed audience right there). Harry can now add movie actor to his list of ever growing talents which includes playing various instruments like the kazoo and his singing abilities.

4. His pre-show ritual involves a candle


We aren’t exactly sure what he does with the candle, but it’s probably to soothe his frazzled nerves and put him in a relaxed mood for the stage. His jaunty moves and endless energy is simply infectious at a concert!

5. He doesn’t shy away from chick flicks


As if Harry couldn’t be anymore perfect – it turns out that the pop singer loves his rom-coms! Who would have expected it? Some of his favourite flicks include Love Actually, The Notebook, and of course the ultimate tearjerker – Titanic. He even reenacted some of his favourite lines with James Corden during his Carpool Karaoke session, which you can watch above. It starts around the 10 minute mark.

And yes, Harry Styles thinks kisses in the rain is romantic.

6. He would rather be a crab than a Disney Prince


Of all the Disney characters, he could have picked, it seems like Harry really fancies being a crustacean. But we can’t really fault him, because it’s better under the sea, down where it’s wetter.

7. Harry’s first album was nearly titled ‘Pink’


Because according to Styles, pink is the only true rock and roll colour. ‘Sign Of The Times’ was another huge contender for his debut album, but it had already been used by Prince.

We’re not complaining, but the self-titled album ended up seemingly appropriate as it was a very personal album where Harry touches on everything from relationships to his childhood and growing up. Not only will you get to finally hear all the tunes live in its rock and roll glory, you might even get to hear some One Direction songs if you attend one of his concerts! But they won’t be the pop songs you hear on the One Direction records; Harry will give you the rock-band version of the song. Singapore Directioners have already heard the rock band version of That’s What Makes You Beautiful and it was glorious – we can’t tell you what Harry Styles might bring to the stage next!

If you missed Hazza when he was here in November, you can catch him again in May, where he’ll be blessing our ears with more good tunes and hopefully some new tracks as well. Fingers crossed now!

Harry Styles Live On Tour 2018

Date: 3 May 2018
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket Prices: $228, $178, $158, $128, $98, VIP packages from $488 – $888. Limited tickets still available from Sportshub.com