7 Unusual Yu Sheng in Singapore to Lo Hei with this CNY

Another year, another round of ang pow collecting is here (or giving, if you’re married). But Chinese New Year is a lot more than just the moolah, it’s about eating well too. And while we’re sure that grandma’s cooking is sufficient, we’d like to introduce a different perspective to a dish we all know and love: Yu Sheng.
Okay fine, maybe “love” is stretching it a bit. Not everyone enjoys the sticky plum sauce that drenches the shredded vegetables or the raw fish that drowns in it. Hence, we’ve come up with a list of unique interpretations of this Cantonese-style salad, ranging from the wacky to the downright gluttonous, so you can lo hei happily this year:
Aphrodisiac Yu Sheng at Stellar at 1-Altitude

Lucky In Love Yusheng with Aphrodisiac

Probably the naughtiest Yu Sheng around town, Stellar at 1-Altitude’s rendition of the traditional dish contains every delicious aphrodisiac you can think of – oysters, honey, pomegranate, figs, pine nuts, and smoked salmon. Looks like tossing won’t be limited to just dinner here.
Lucky in Love Yu Sheng ($58++), available till Feb 20, Stellar at 1-Altitude.
Dessert Yu Sheng at Antoinette
Antoinette 189053a

If you don’t mind hopping onto the highway to diabetes, Antoinette’s The Queen Yu Sheng is for you. Presented in a chocolate golden egg, the yusheng is surrounded by sweets like chocolate fish, golden ingots, five-spiced almonds, cashews, mandarin orange butter cake, meringue kisses, and yam and sweet potato chips.
The Queen Yu Sheng ($88++), available while stocks last, Antoinette .
8-Seafood Yusheng at FiSK
FiSK Seafoodbar & Market - Fortune Yu Sheng Platter
For an Yu Sheng that’s way more fish than veg, make a beeline for FiSK’s 8-Seafood Fortune Platter. It comes with all the usual condiments, although the seafood here is to die for. Say hello to Norwegian salmon and trout, New Zealand abalone, Japanese tako, yellowtail, tuna saku, and otoro, as well as scallops from either Norway or Scotland.
8-Seafood Fortune Platter ($128++), available till Mar 3, FiSK Seafood Bar & Market.
Vegetarian Yusheng at Greendot
Greendot Yu Sheng ($28)

Vegetarians rejoice. There’s now a vegetarian friendly Yu Sheng for you to gorge on, and it’s available at Greendot. This meat-free platter consists of konnyaku “salmon” slices, which are meant to replicate the look and taste of the fish, as well as soy bak kwa, pomela, a fruit-based sauce, and vegetarian oil dashed with lemongrass.
Greendot vegetarian Yu Sheng ($28++), available till Mar 2, Greendot (except Nex, Northpoint, Mapletree Business City, and Westgate outlets)
Fruit Yusheng at Min Jiang

Want that dietary fibre without eating vegetables? No problem. You can still get your nutrients at Min Jiang with the restaurant’s Fruit Yu Sheng. Shaped like a flower, the Yu Sheng is made up of pomelo, wasabi tobiko, red tobiko, julienned peaches, plums, kiwi, golden kiwi, ingot-shaped osmanthus jelly, and blueberries.
Fruit Yu Sheng ($88++ to $138++), available till Mar 2, Min Jiang (One-North).
Curry Yu Sheng at Indocafe @ The White House

If proof was needed that curry goes well with anything, this is it. Indocafe’s special Yu Sheng sauce is not some nauseating plum concoction. Instead, the restaurant’s version of the traditional dish is coated with Peranakan curry sauce. Yes, freaking curry sauce, so you got some spice to go along with your lo hei session.
Glorious Prosperity Yu Sheng ($48++ to $68++), available till Mar 2, Indocafe @ The White House.
Chopstick-less Yusheng at Dancing Crab

Who needs chopsticks when you’ve got your hands, right? At the Dancing Crab, ditch the cutlery and toss Yu Sheng like you’ve never done before – using just your bare hands. Once that’s done, enjoy an Yu Sheng that’s brimming with delicious seafood, including Alaskan king crab, smoked salmon, and crispy fish skin.
Dancing Yu Sheng ($48++ to $88++), available till Mar 2, Dancing Crab @ Orchard Central