ETUDE HOUSE’s Bestselling Liquid Foundation Just Got a Shade Expansion

Here at NYLON, we believe that when you get your base makeup right, your day will be right as well. With foundations of every formula, texture and finish spilling from the shelves and counters, discovering the right one to match our skin tone and lifestyle may sound like an easy feat, but it actually happens much less often than we think, especially when we’re navigating the K-beauty section.
New shades (L-R): P6 Rosy Tan, P5 Rosy Sand, Y7 Honey Amber, Y8 Honey Almond, P10 Rosy Chestnut, N11 Cacao

ETUDE HOUSE, however, is looking to change the game with 12 shades of their Double Lasting Foundation. The K-beauty brand hasn’t just brought in 6 new shades to cater to those with warmer skin tones, they’ve also revamped a few of their existing colours by adjusting the undertones to impart radiance to your complexion, no matter your shade. Here’s a quick guide to finding your perfect match:

Cool tones (L-R): P4 Petal, P6 Rosy Tan, P5 Rosy Sand, P10 Rosy Chestnut
Neutral tones (L-R): N3 Neutral Vanilla, N3 Neutral Beige, N4 Sand, N5 Tan, N7 Amber
Warm tones (L-R): Y7 Honey Amber, Y8 Honey Almond, N11 Cacao

The bestselling liquid foundation has been on our radar since its launch, and for good reason: Its lightweight formula provides high coverage in just a swipe, so all you need is a tiny amount of product to make those pesky blemishes and panda eyes disappear. The brand utilises Double Shot Technology too, and when combined with a quick-setting agent, it promises fresher, longer-lasting base makeup which keeps excess shine at bay. After all, what we want to achieve is an overall dewy glow that lasts, not an oil-slicked terrain.
To find out just how well the Double Lasting Foundation holds up throughout the day, we invited 5 girls with varying skin tones and lifestyles to pick out their shades and put its formula to the test.

Celine Chiam, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

Her shade: P6 Rosy Tan

Like Celine, we’re fans of the “no-makeup” makeup look, so unless she’s getting ready for a more formal event, she often reaches for a lightweight formula that promises sheer coverage, leaves a matte finish, and most importantly, stays on the entire day. “I can be out for a total of 14 hours, sometimes even longer,” Celine shares. “That means I need a foundation that can really last for many hours, lightweight and comfortable to be in.” And since the humid climate turns our base makeup into a sloppy mess in mere seconds, Celine requires a formula that won’t start to streak when faced with perspiration.

Before foundation                                                                   Half-face with foundation on


Full face of foundation                                                           After 8 hours of wear

An issue we didn’t think Celine would face is finding her right foundation shade. She notes, “I am slightly tan with yellow undertones, so many foundation shades don’t suit me – they’re either too fair or too dark.” Finding her match with the 12-shade foundation range is a blessing indeed. Upon application, Celine notes that the formula is “very lightweight, it feels almost like nothing on my skin. It also covers up redness and my dark circles, too. In fact, I only used less than two pumps for my entire face.” With this foundation, she skips the concealer step and applies a tad of foundation under her eyes, so it’s perfect for those who aren’t fond of wearing a full face of makeup.

Bertilla Wong, Entrepreneur

Her shade: N7 Amber

With her sister Brianna, Bertilla runs a fashion webstore called The Closet Lover, and similar to Celine, she loves a sheer coverage when it comes to base makeup for a more natural look. Unlike Celine, however, Bertilla prefers a dewy finish and she’ll even mix in a few drops of facial oil to her foundation to amp up the glow. Humidity, be damned. But of course, for Bertilla, finding the right shade that matches her skin tone is a proper challenge, but she did it with ease when presented with the Double Lasting range.

Before foundation                                                                   Half-face with foundation on

bertilla 2

Full face of foundation                                                           After 8 hours of wear

She shares, “I have a darker, warmer skin tone, which is why no Korean foundation has ever matched me, so I was pleasantly surprised when ETUDE HOUSE’s Double Lasting Foundation did!” Blending it in seamlessly was rather easy, too. Bertilla says, “I only applied an amount which was probably smaller than a 5-cent coin and was able to blend it nicely all around my face.” It’s great that such a tiny amount is able to last for hours on end, perfect when she needs to head out for the night. Bertilla also noticed that the formula adds radiance to her complexion, so you can’t tell she’s had a long work day.

Nurul Suhaila, Athlete

Her shade: N7 Amber

Most would agree that a lightweight, high coverage foundation with a matte finish works best when it’s going against humidity and time, so when it comes to preference in base makeup, Suhaila stands with us. While she’s never had issues finding her shade, the national silat team member (and you thought you were cool) despises liquid foundations that feel heavy and look cakey on the skin. Makes complete sense – she’s an active person with a packed schedule, training during the day and attending events that extend to wee hours at night. That definitely calls for a long-lasting, sweatproof formula which doesn’t require plenty of touch-ups, and ultimately, feels comfortable on the skin.
suhaila 1

Before foundation                                                                   Half-face with foundation on


Full face of foundation                                                           After 8 hours of wear

Her first impressions of the product are glowing. She explains, “The foundation evens out my pores and covers my spots nicely with one layer – just right for a natural look. I can build it up for a fuller coverage. I love that it gives me a matte finish, but with a healthy glow at the right places.” The longevity of its coverage was another aspect that wow-ed her. Despite having oily skin, she only had to touch-up once or twice throughout the day, and since it’s got a featherlight formulation, rest assured – it won’t cake up and crumble even when you’ve patted on a fresh layer of foundation.

Saffron Sharpe, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Her shade: N4 Sand

Here’s another girl who loves a dewy finish. Just like Celine and Bertilla, Saffron likes it sheer because it’s lighter and sits more comfortably on the skin, and who doesn’t want a foundation like that when they’re going against the daily heat? As an influencer who’s always making a beeline for the next thing on the schedule, a major quality she looks for in a foundation is longevity. It didn’t take very long for Saffron to find her ideal shade, too. “I love that there was a choice between yellow and pink undertones, so it made selection really simple and straightforward,” she says.

Before foundation                                                                   Half-face with foundation on


Full face of foundation                                                           After 8 hours of wear

This liquid foundation is indeed denser to the touch, but as Saffron noted, it’s a buildable formula that gives the coverage of a liquid foundation, while providing the comfortable texture akin to that of a BB cream. And just like the other girls, she agreed that “a little goes a long way! Only used half a pump for my whole face.” On Saffron, the lightweight foundation felt like second skin, and it lasted all through the day without caking up or breaking up.

Saranya Chyenne, Freelance Model

Her shade: P10 Rosy Chestnut

When it comes to base makeup, Saranya doesn’t need much coverage given her clear complexion, and thankfully sheer is what she prefers. As a freelance model, putting her best face forward is crucial, which is why she loves a dewy finish to keep her looking fresh and radiant. However, her biggest issue yet is finding a shade that matches her skin tone. She lets on, “It can get frustrating at times because I would be so eager to try out a certain type of foundation based on reviews I’ve read, but I wouldn’t be able to because they don’t have it in my shade.” Frustrating, indeed. Here’s where the Double Lasting Foundation steps in.

Before foundation                                                                   Half-face with foundation on


Full face of foundation                                                           After 8 hours of wear

For Saranya, the best thing about the range is that it has the perfect shade for her, and the amount of coverage she gets with a tiny amount of product allows her to hide any blemishes and eye bags. Convenient for a model who’s always on-the-go. Trying it out for the first time, the formula went on smooth and streak-free, and it lasted – something that surprised her, for sure. “It held up really well! It lasted me almost the whole day and I only had to touch up like once or twice, at most,” she shares.

ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation, $33.90 each. Available now in 12 shades at ETUDE HOUSE stores and