Flaming Hot Cheetos Are The Latest Runway Accessories

Accessories are a game-changer. They complete the look and are vehicles for us to express our personality and fashion style. Use your accessories to create a cute and lovely look or go bold and layer your accessories for an edgy vibe.
The Starbucks cup has been a great streetwear accessory spotted in the hands of many off-season models and celebrities all over the world. But Chromat has taken the accessories game to a whole new level, using Flaming Hot Cheetos to complement the bright and fiery looks at its Fall show 2018 during New York Fashion Week.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.52.15 AM
Harper’s Bazaar

Some people may see fashion as impractical, especially if clothes have no pockets, but Chromat has demonstrated the functionality of its bungee cord detailing on its pants by using it as a convenient and well-placed snack holder. Even if our clothes can’t double up as a snack holder, we can just hold our snacks in our hands – the most versatile holders in the world.
Besides the use of fiery accessories, Chromat’s Fall show had an extremely diverse lineup. The show featured several plus-sized models, models of various races and ethnicities and even Viktoria Modesta, a singer-songwriter who strutted down the runway with a prosthetic leg.

Harper’s Bazaar

Chromat’s Fall show was extremely bright and colourful, radiating the positive energy that was created by inclusiveness and beauty. Perhaps, its unconventional use of bright colours for its Fall collection symbolises Chromat’s intention to break out of the norms and be more inclusive to create a fun show for everyone.
Header Image: Harper’s Bazaar