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February 15, 2018

For many of us, Chinese New Year is a big deal. Even if you don’t put wear makeup or put any effort into dressing up for 90% of the year, you’ll still get all the big guns out for Chinese New Year (or at least for the first day) because you want to show all your relatives that you’ve got your life together. The final touch for most girls getting their CNY game face on is their makeup, and – we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again – the most important part of a statement look is your lipstick. Bright and bold is pretty much the embodiment of CNY, and you’ll have to work doubly hard to ensure that you’ll stand out in the sea of red.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.37.02 PM

Lipstick on one end, gloss on the other

Dare to go bold with Color Combos’ latest range of Duo Lip Stick & Gloss range. With 10 bright colours in pinks and reds, the duo sticks are just the thing for those who want to put a little oomph! into their makeup. The duo stick (as obviously stated in its name) has both the lipstick and lip gloss version in one convenient tube. You can easily switch up you look by simply flipping the tube over.

color combos

Don’t be afraid to go bold this CNY

Let’s talk about the lipstick first. The lipstick goes on smooth and creamy, but dries in a matte finish. You don’t have to worry about smudging your perfectly drawn lips with all the eating you’ll be doing as you go about your CNY rounds. And these lipsticks won’t dry out your lips or settle into cracks – the formula contains 3 different kinds of essential oils to keep your lips nicely hydrated all day long. Oh, and the colour is ultra-pigmented, which results in a bright, bold pout that’ll be the spotlight of your look. Cue: compliments from all your female relatives.


Left to right: shades 01, 02, 03, 04, 05

On the other end, you’ve got a gloss version of your lipstick! The gloss creates a mirror-like finish for a totally different vibe, and the slightly bent tip is a curves to the slant of your lips for easy application.


Left to right: shades 01, 07, 09

If a cousin or aunt comes to you asking to borrow your lipstick, you now have two options to choose from so you don’t end up twinning with a relative. The convenience of having two options also means that you can easily switch things up. If you’re bored of your matte lip, simply swipe it over with a coat of gloss to get a radiant finish. You don’t even have to remove your base layer since they’re the same colour anyway.

An extra tip from us if you want a longer lasting glossy lip – use the lipstick side as a base layer and the gloss as a top coat. Even if your gloss comes off, the matte lipstick will ensure that the colour is still even and that you won’t end up with uneven patchy lips.

Here’s all 10 shades, which ranges from your classic fire-truck red to nude blushes and berry pinks that’ll make a bold statement this Chinese New Year. Which one are you going for this year?


Shades 01 to 10 from left to right

The Color Combos Duo Lip Stick & Gloss, $33.90, is now available in 10 shades at Sasa outlets.