Singapore’s Latest Mobile Telco Zero1 to Offer Unlimited Mobile Data Plan

Oh, how we love a price war when we see one.
Zero1, Singapore’s third virtual mobile telco, wants to shake up the industry by offering an unlimited data plan at dirt cheap prices. The first 3,000 customers who register for the plan need only cough up $19 a month. After which, the plan will cost $29.99 a month – still relatively affordable if you ask us.
The plan includes 200 minutes of local talk time and 200 SMS messages. But get this. Even at the higher price of $29.99, the plan is still one-third the current market rate. Awesome, we know right!
What exactly is a virtual telco, though? Well, unlike traditional telcos, virtual telcos do not build their own physical mobile networks. Instead, they lease them from existing telcos. For instance, Zero1 leases from Singtel, and is the third virtual mobile telco to enter the Singapore market after Circles.Life and Zero Mobile.
According to Zero1’s CEO Stuart Tan, the low price makes it necessary to manage the surfing speed of heavy users, so that other users won’t be slowed down. This means that download speeds for HD videos will be capped after the first 3GB of data allowance. Mr. Tan claims this will not affect services like YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
Another feature that sets Zero1’s plan apart from the rest of the pack is a free voice roaming service provided via the Zero1 app. The app allows users to call and receive calls from any Singapore mobile or landline number while overseas. That means you won’t have to pay for expensive roaming fees or buy foreign SIM cards any longer.
Zero1’s app features technology developed by Mr. Tan for Qongle, a device that allows travellers to avoid roaming fees; hence the free voice roaming service.
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Cover image: CNBC