The Biggest Trend of NYFW Ready-to-Wear FW18 Is…

In The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda savages Andy after she scoffs at her severity towards her editor-in-chief role, “It’s sort of comical how you think you made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of stuff.”
Her words are sass nectar for cult fans of the film, but even more importantly a mantra we psych ourselves with when studying runway looks every time fashion week rolls around. Trends don’t just remain on our Instagram stories, they infiltrate our wardrobe months, now maybe even weeks, after they’ve been spotted. For better or for worse, the biggest one this NYFW can be recreated inexpensively, but only possible to pull off if you’ve the confidence of Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham combined: baaaaaddd taste!!!

Tom Ford

tom ford

Tom Ford Ready-to-Wear FW18

Tom Ford’s wasted no time leading the New York fashion pack towards — or should we say, backwards — into the gaudy 80’s. As Heidi Klum would put it to fashion designers themselves, “One day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” And in the case of fashion trends the following day you might be back in again! In the vein of Cavalli (old Cavalli) meets Versace, Tom Ford mishmashes every fashion faux pas like sweatbands for growing out bangs, hoop pearl earrings, and clashing zebra with leopard and rainbow!!! With Tom Ford we can always expect desirability, a fine line he has stepped on ever so deftly we’d never call what he does tacky.

Bottega Veneta


Bottega Veneta Ready-to-Wear FW18

You can’t just make a pitstop at NYFW for a season and not make it count. Using the city as a backdrop for his inspiration, Creative Director Thomas Maier infuses the stereotypical luxury shopper, the Wall Street men and women, and plays off their lifestyles to create exquisitely embroidered dresses and colour-blocked wear. The piece de resistance of the show was a white crossbody stitched with an abstraction of New York City skyline, an ode to its vibrant culture. After the show, models lounged by a homely fireplace as though to invite the crowd into their world, a world that feels so much like theirs.

Jeremy Scott


Jeremy Scott Ready-to-Wear FW18

To Jeremy Scott, ugly is a way of life. He transforms the utilitarian silver space suit into a whimsical sci-fi bonanza, imagine Gravity meets Furby. There’s always a true sense of diversity with Scott, not just in representation but references of ideas. We love the pastel blue nylon trousers with pink bulges and the fun logo tees that can jazz up not just out outfit but our day. Don’t test Scott with subversive beauty, because he’ll take you up to task on it — his rendition of ugly footwear is so on-point, neon Uggs with drawstrings to keep our entire legs warm.

Alexander Wang


Alexander Wang Ready-to-Wear FW18

As a goodbye to New York, Alexander Wang takes over the old Conde Nast headquarters at Times Square as a cathartic conclusion to his relationship with Vogue magazine. Setting the runway in an office space with “cubicles,” Wang does rock-and-roll sportswear the only way he can: with zips, exaggerated shoulders, tight. There’re several tongue-in-cheek slogan pieces which, for better or for worse, are aimed at female empowerment. Wang is like a younger brother who we can’t really see eye to eye on but would never hate since he’s so pure-hearted. As much as not everyone is on board with his Matrix do-over aesthetic, we’re reminded of his impact knowing he’s here-on now moving his runway shows away from NYFW schedule.