Why Marc Jacobs' New Liquid Foundation Range Is a Beauty Breakthrough

When it comes to diversity in the beauty industry, we’ve witnessed a few missteps along the way, but with a rising number of brands stepping up the representation game in recent years, the state of inclusion is finally on the up and up. Adding on to that growing list is Marc Jacobs Beauty with its all-new range of liquid foundations.

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Foundation isn’t new to the brand, but the new Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 seems to have elevated our everyday makeup base with 29 shades. Inspired by Marc’s “shameless attitude” and his tattoo that serves as a daily reminder of self acceptance, this liquid foundation simply wants you to show the best version of your skin.
Marc shares, “The idea of shameless and showing your true colours is being who you are, unapologetic and proud. One of the most important characteristics, in terms of a contemporary, youthful look, is not that heavy sort of makeup, but something that’s fresh and breathes and allows radiance and the texture of the skin to come through.” We’re all for it.
This buildable foundation doesn’t just promise 24-hour wear, the lightweight formula also has a self-setting finish and offers an advanced UV protection that won’t cause flashback in photos, so you’ll look as flawless and true to your skin tone in pictures and in person. And although it’s oil-free, the foundation is packed with ingredients such as hydrating snow mushroom and blue daisy extract to help soothe and plump the skin for a more youthful glow.
Here to share more about the foundation range is none other than the Global Artistry Ambassador of Marc Jacobs Beauty, Hung Vanngo.
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What sets the Shameless Foundation apart?

We have two foundations in the line, and this is the third one we have. This provides 24-hour wear, comes in 29 shades, and has an SPF of 25. What happens most of the time with SPFs over 15 is that the formulation becomes chalky and greyish, so the Shameless Foundation’s flashback-free, which is great. A lot of the time, foundations with high SPF will give you that white cast in photos, and this one doesn’t have that. Especially on darker skin tones, a high SPF can change the formulation and make the complexion appear very grey.

What do you like most about this formula?

What I like most is that it’s self-setting, so you don’t need to go over it with powder. It’s still very luminous and radiant, but not too dewy. Medium to full coverage, so it’s also very buildable. You can do a natural finish and if you want more coverage, you can add more without it looking too heavy or cakey. And with most foundations, you have to set them – that’s when it becomes too cakey and thick. Even if you sweat, given the weather here, this foundation will stay put.

Light (L-R): Y110, Y130, R150, Y210, R230, R250, Y270
Medium (L-R): R300, R310, Y320, R330, Y340, R350, Y360, Y370, R380, Y390
Dark (L-R): Y400, Y420, Y440, R460, Y470, Y480, Y490, Y500, R530, R550, Y570, R590

Do you have any tips on how to choose the right shade of foundation for ourselves?

We have the foundation shades in categories. There’s Y for yellow undertones, and we have R for pinky-red undertones. So once you’ve looked at your skin and figured out if you have a yellow or warm undertone, choosing right shade becomes pretty easy. The foundation also somewhat mimics your skin tone, so if you happen to choose the wrong shade, it’s still blendable – it doesn’t look like a mask on the face. It also has a natural finish, so it won’t create those lines or anything like that.

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Seamless Liquid Foundation Brush, $68

Which makeup tool would you use to apply this foundation?

We’ve created a new foundation brush to go with the foundation, but if you want to use your fingers or a sponge, you still can. This foundation brush is a little wider compared to a normal foundation brush, so it covers more area. It’s shorter, too. The bristles of most foundation brushes are often too long, so product tends to run down and get stuck here [points at the heel, right before the ferrule]. With this brush, you don’t waste any product at all. But yeah, it’s all personal preference.

Which products would you prep the skin with before foundation?

With every foundation that you use, you still have to prep with moisturiser and eye cream, but the only difference is that this foundation already contains sunscreen, so you don’t have to apply sunscreen before this foundation.

le marc liquid lip
le marc liquid lip 2
Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon, $38 each
Available now at Sephora stores and Sephora.sg

What are some of the beauty trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2018?

I think the mascara look is back. I love it. I love that you can create full lashes with a few coats of mascara without it looking too clumpy. And of course, I always love red lipstick. I like a matte lipstick, but not too heavy, and that’s why I love our new Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon. It’s a matte lipstick that still gives your lips that dimension.

Tell us, what’s the most shameless thing you’ve done?

Hmm, I don’t think I should share that. [Laughs] Okay, I did drag once. I was in my late teens, and that was the only time I did it. I mean, I looked like a gladiator. There wasn’t a look I was going for. I just tried to make myself look like a beautiful woman but I’m always stocky like this, so a dress would never look attractive on me anyway. I did it once, I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. But Marc LOVES IT. Marc loves RuPaul’s Drag Race, they did a whole drag event this year. He really embraces it.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look 24-Hour Longwear Foundation SPF 25, $74. Available in 29 shades.
Marc Jacobs Beauty The Seamless Liquid Foundation Brush, $68.
Both available from 16 February 2018 at Sephora stores and from 23 February 2018 on Sephora.sg.