Everything You Need To Know About LANEIGE’s Latest Cushion Innovation

Watch enough k-dramas, and you’ll grow to love certain characters as if you’ve known them all your life. It’s not so much that we’re obsessed (or, in denial of that), but because these characters radiate so much beautiful, positive energy that we can’t help but be drawn to them too — for a prime example of that, we have to cite athlete Kim Bok-joo, the lead character in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.


It’s a refreshing role that propelled actress Lee Sung Kyung to fame too. There, she looks a little unlike her usual slim self (the actress/model had to put on some weight for her role), but was certainly relatable in her real-girl appeal. And you know, she’s still gorgeous, in a way that’s both striking while her sweet demeanour will grow on you over time.

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At a recent global LANEIGE event, we also got a chance to meet Lee Sung Kyung in person, with one key mission: to observe the LANEIGE ambassador’s skin up-close to see if it’s as good as the brand professes. Of course it was. Alright, in reality, we were a few metres away, but and you know what, her skin’s as flawless as her character isn’t, which really means it looks great from every angle.

K-stardom aside, part of the reason it looks so great has to be the LANEIGE Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base. This new product is the latest in the brand’s best-selling series of cushions, and the one to get even more excited about simply because it’s the first-ever one that combines both a concealer and foundation in one product.
Here’s all you need to know about it.

By Amelia Tan

It’s 2-in-1. 

LANEIGE_Layering Cover Cushion Concealer_Open_Top_171212_DF2

What we love most about the new innovation is that it combines both a concealer and foundation in one sleek rose gold case — making it a first in the world. Cover up your blemishes or dark undereye circles with the high-coverage Concealing Base (left), followed by the Layering Cover Cushion (right) that works as a foundation, and you’ll get a flawless base that you’ll get all the compliments for.

Might we add that having everything together certainly makes on-the-go makeup more convenient, doesn’t it? Now, you can safely stow this in your handbag for touch-ups, or as we’d guiltily admit, last-minute application while on an Uber to our first destination of the day.


How the concealer works. 

The feel of this concealer is a balm-like texture that covers well, while blending into your skin, thanks to an Aqua Melting Technology. This makes it a dream to apply since it gently melts into the skin, covering spots and pores and blemishes, and then blends seamlessly so it looks like they just disappeared on their own. It also comes half a shade lighter to brighten your complexion.


It’s not a BB cushion — this one’s actually a full-coverage foundation. 

Color difference - No.21

We have nothing against BB cushions, by the way! They’re great for their multiple skincare benefits, and we like how light they feel — but that’s on a good skin day. Other times, and for those of us who may find the coverage a tad too lightweight, we now have this LANEIGE cushion to turn to.

The excellent coverage is achieved by first applying the concealer (which covers up imperfections), and then patting on the Layering Cover Cushion, which acts as a foundation that leaves you looking radiant with well-hydrated skin.

There are several technologies at play here — an Illuminating Jewel Powder contains light reflective pearl pigments for a rosy skin tone that leaves a nice brightening glow; Litchi Skin Extract comes with both antioxidant and moisturising benefits; while a Water Capture System releases purified water from France and Hydro-ion mineral water into the skin, filling it with moisture instantly. Oh right, we do get some skincare benefits after all.


Even the puff is uniquely-designed. 

Cushion Puff 1

Shaped as a lovely water drop, there’s more to the layering puff than how cute it looks. Since the cushion is already 2-in-1, it makes sense that the tool we use to apply the concealer and foundation follows suit too, hence this innovative dual puff.

The top “velvet puff” section has shorter fibres that are better able to pick up the concealer, while its shape offers more precision for curved areas such as under the eyes or the corner of the nose. On the other end, the “air puff” is more reminiscent of a typical cushion puff, and is perforated, allowing for a moisturised, natural coverage with a glowing finish when blended out.


The semi-matte finish. 


Here’s the word to know: semi-matte. This one was actually researched by the LANEIGE team, and they realised consumers are moving away from the holy grail of k-beauty that’s dewy skin, and instead, towards a semi-matte look.

We’re fans of any radiant glow of course, but we do vouch for this new movement — see, starting your day dewy, at least in our humid climate, can lead to less flattering oily-looking skin at the end of the day. Alternatively, the semi-matte finish is a more pleasant one, since it provides a natural finish that’s less shiny but still healthy-looking.


Darker shades? Why not!

Layering Cushion_Arm Swatch (8 Shades)

It’s a common complaint that k-beauty brands often just cater to those along the fairer shade ranges, so we were pleased to find out that there are some darker shades in this collection too. 7 shades might not sound like a lot, especially when it comes to perfectly capturing our skin undertones, but it’s still pretty decent! Shades No.13 to No.23 appeal to the spectrum of lighter-skinned girls with more rosy undertones, but shades no.31 to no.37 (more neutral-toned) are diverse enough to fit medium to darker skin tones.


And here’s the best way to use it. 

As the name implies, layer! But that doesn’t mean a thick, cakey mess. According to LANEIGE Korean makeup artist, Park Taeyun, the trick is to use the concealer only where necessary, concentrating on the undereye area, blemishes, and the bit of redness around your nose. Use only a small amount and apply in upward strokes. Then, layer with the foundation so that you get to retain a moisturised finish that’s now flawless but also natural-looking.

Stay tuned as we’ll be testing this out on the NYLON team!

LANEIGE Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base, $43, available at LANEIGE stores and counters. Refills will be available in May. laneige.com/sg